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What If JanaLokapal Not accepted by Government?

Let us hope "It will Not happen". Still pretty possibilities and enough chances of non acceptance of proposed "Jana Lokapal .....

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: Apr 2011
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Post What If JanaLokapal Not accepted by Government?

Let us hope "It will Not happen". Still pretty possibilities and enough chances of non acceptance of proposed "Jana Lokapal Bill"(JLPB) by government.
In case of failure better to prepare for further steps to be taken.
1)Is it possible to pass outside the parliament by any way?
2)Is there any shortcut to achieve goal other than current mode?
3)Is there some more efficient way of agitation other than hunger strike?
4)Does we need Electoral reforms to achieve JLPB?
any new ideas? welcome to all.

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What if Jan Lokpal Bill is not accepted by the Government?

Dear all,
The concern expressed here is very genuine. The likelihood of the Jan Lokpal Bill in the desirable form, i.e. the form in which Annaji and other crusaders against corruption want it to be, getting rejected either at the cabinet level or in the Parliament, is very strong. Reason is obvious:-Those who have been accustomed to the most delectable privilege of a carte blanche from the hapless citizens to loot without any limits could hardly be expected to concede it or otherwise allow it to be circumscribed!
The only effective way for common citizens like us to force these unscrupulous people to 'relinquish' their presumed right to loot the nation is the one advocated by Ms. Kiran Bedi in one of the interviews with the civil society panel a few days ago. First, people like us must assume the responsibility to educate every voter about the horrendous evils of corruption, how he/she has been systematically deprived of minimum decent life due to the unconstrained corruption in the country, how the country has been impoverished because of the despicable greed of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, police, and the ilk over the past 64 years so that, when the same shameless people approach them the next time to beg for a vote at the next election, they must be told in unequivocal terms "If you want my vote, you first register your vote for the Jan Lok Pal Bill"

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Very aptly stated, Rao Garu. In addition to what you stated citing the advice of Kiran Bedi, we must also put pressure on our MPs/MLAs by constantly reminding them about the pending lokpal bill. They may not respond favourably, but they will feel the pressure. Since we would be constantly educating people belonging to various social groups on how corruption is eating into the vitals of our nation, the impact on the existing MPs/MLAs will be felt.
There is absolutely no doubt that government will not allow a stringent lokpal bill as envisaged by the Team Anna to be passed. We have seen how Rajiv Gandhi passed Anti Defection Law. It's a toothless law that cannot deter any politician from defecting from his/her party at the drop of a hat. Similar will be fate of this Lokpal to be propped up by the government. It will be a toothless tiger that will die a natural death in due course. The moot point is--the members of the government and the parliamentarians think they have divine right to rule and that they and not the electorate are the masters just opposite of what Anna says. There is absolutely no meeting ground. It is our duty to stand solidly by Anna and wage a long drawn war against this set of politicians who are hell bent on plundering the nation.
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