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Threatful Contractor

Hello, I am AShok from Mussoorie, Uttranchal. I run a garments shop. In 2010 I had hired a contractor. The .....

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Unhappy Threatful Contractor


I am AShok from Mussoorie, Uttranchal. I run a garments shop.

In 2010 I had hired a contractor. The details are as-

1] To construct house of 5500 sq feet which is legally passed by MDDA.
2] To constract at a fixed cost of Rs.800.00 per sq feet with material.
3] he will take a min of 5% or max. of 10% of entire cost after completion of the house.

Now the situation is-
1] He has contructed himself without our advice and persmission a house of 6800 sq feet. so which increases our total cost from 44 lacs to 54 lacs now.

2] He has made an additional bill of 7 lacs for constructing things already covered under the Covered AREA agreement.

But the fact is his bill of 7 lacs has no proper authentication. ONly few things which total amount to 2lacs is extra which we are ready to pay.

3] He is not working acc. to agreement and is saying he will take all the cost before completing the house.

So the problem is that acco. to our budget we were max. supppose to pay him 45-46lacs.

But we have already under his consistent threats of leaving the house contruction in between only...paid him 50 lacs.

But so far -
1] no wood work has been done [ including doors, windows, modular kitchens, almirahs, drawers]

2] no sanitary work done

3] no paint work done

4] no gloating of the roof

5] no windows [ with glass work, net[jaali] n grill]

6] no railing of the stairs

Now i m stuck badly after taking 50lacs also he has not done any finishing in the house. I asked him to take another 8 lacs....[i dont know how i will arrange that money...still] but he is demanding 11-12lacs more on no valid grounds.

He has left the premises and said..." jo karna hai kar lo, jisko bulana hai bula lo, mai kisi court se nai darta......mai pura paise pehle lunga......chahe vo paise sahi ho ya galat...mujhe nai pata............ho sakta hai mai paise lekar bhi kaam na karun"

Which in english means---
"Do what you people can, call highter authorities or anybody, i am not scared of anybody. I want the entire cost first, whether the calculated cost by me is wrong or unautheticated, i dont care. It is also a possiblity that even after taking the whole amount i might not complete the house."

So readers let me tell you i m 57 years old.. i saved all my money for this house. And plus took bank loan. And i ve paid him to my max. capaciy. BUt he is not putting an end to money-taking. I am frustated and in such a big tension. There is huge loan interest on me now.
I do not know what to do and seek whose advice and help. Please suggest me how to deal with this blackmailing.
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