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India is dirtiest country of the world – China has proved it!

A Chinese website, which I encountered recently, has published some shocking pictures of filthiness all over India. Warning: Some pictures .....

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Post India is dirtiest country of the world – China has proved it!

A Chinese website, which I encountered recently, has published some shocking pictures of filthiness all over India.
Warning: Some pictures are very disgustful, people with faint hearth should not click the link:
Filthy India Photos, Chinese Netizen Reactions – chinaSMACK
Sanitation is very poor all over India. CLEANLINESS is a topic which is rarely discussed by media or public. Everyone knows that Indian Railway is biggest toilet of the world. We daily watch many people relieving themselves on railway tracks. India has made remarkable progress in science, IT, Business, Art and many other fields. India has also many billionaires. Question arises why then India is so dirty. Why India has become habitual of so dirtiness?
1. King’s mentality of public: From the ancient times when Aryan invaded India they created caste system in India, People who were defeated become 'Shudra' and given the responsibility of cleanliness in the society. Winners started living with the kings’s mentality because they had a large community to clear the filth and garbage spread by them. That king’s mentality still resides in most of Indians they spread filth anywhere in anticipation that it will be cleared by other people. People who clear filth and garbage do not have any respect in society and their job is considered petty and unimportant. Prior to british rule there was no problem and people of lower casts did not have any option and filth spread by higher class of society was being cleared properly. During british rule government started treating equally to the people of all casts, people of lower casts now having option of joining other jobs. After independence position became worse. Lower cast people also copied the mentality of higher casts and everyone started to avoid the jobs related to cleanliness.
2. Lack of strict laws against spreading filth.
3. Lack of sanitary facilities on public places like Railway stations, Bus stands etc.
1. Government should make strict laws against people spreading filth and provide sufficient sanitary facilities to all citizen.
2. Maintaining the cleanliness is collective responsibility of society and government. Baba people, who have much influence on society, should encourage the public to stop all customs or rituals which spread pollution and filth.
3. All people of India should come out of their king’s mentality and stop spreading the filth. Jobs of people who maintain cleanliness should have full respect in society so that no one avoids such jobs.
4. Many NGOs and religious trusts who have sufficient resources should provide their contribution to improve the situation.

Though this is forum for discussing the issue of corruption but as so many people are visiting this forum I decided to discuss this topic here.
Please share your views with me
Jarnail Singh
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