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Why mnrega suits upa

At Rs 33,000 Crores per year; approx 80 % is pocketed. You know by who all! Some noises will be .....

: Dec 2011
: Kolkata
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Question Why mnrega suits upa

At Rs 33,000 Crores per year; approx 80 % is pocketed. You know by who all! Some noises will be made and the noise will fade away.
Amount spent in MNREGA during the last 3 years would have completed the National Highway Project.
High Speed Rail would have taken off.
Then river linking would have taken a start.
Result there would have jobs everywhere for the asking. Infact jobs would have run to you.
Can anybody show any infrastructure worth the salt of the Rs 100000 Crores spent on MNREGA during the last three years.
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: Apr 2011
: KORBA(Chattisgarh)
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Dear Friend,
All money under MNREGA is spent on unplanned jobs by grampanchyats with approval of collectors and thus distributed in the system without any fruitful results. Govt has created a simple way for looting public money on a/c of poor villagers.
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: Aug 2011
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I think this UPA government is totally failed in all aspects.The Prime Minister is of weak personality and have no control over his cabinet ministers.After every scam you can see him defending the defaulters and have no choice to save the people money from their loot.
I personally feel that he is responsible for all the loot,inflation and the controversy between govt. and the ARMY.
MNREGA is another source of income to UPAs ministers and officers down the line.People in the villages are not well educated so helpless to understand the real situation.
Media of this country also seems partial and works for the UPA.
Youth of this country should come forward to educate the people in the villages with clear vision of the future.We should unvieiled the corrupt people and to expose them before the poors of this country so that they must not faith their leaders blindly any more.
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