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Black money dealings by dlf group, delhi

recently, DLF Centre, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001, Tel: +91-11-42102030 has launched a plotted scheme in sector 91 and 92, .....

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: Sep 2011
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Black money dealings by dlf group, delhi

recently, DLF Centre, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001, Tel: +91-11-42102030 has launched a plotted scheme in sector 91 and 92, gurgaon.
as a faithful customer of DLF, i reached their office before 1130 hrs, the time of launch. i came to know of this scheme at 1000 hrs on the day. i filled the 02 forms for plot size of 300 sq yrds each and submitted them alongwith required cheques in the dlf office and i was assured that allotment will be confirmed in no time. no sooner i submitted the forms i started getting tel calls from brokers of dlf advising me that i sud submit my forms through them to earn a hefty commission out of their brokerage. and immediately i was approached by a broker personally inside the office of dlf among DLF's marketting officials, i was so much brain washed by them that i was forced to take back my forms from dlf and after that i was so much mentally disturbed and afraid of their threats that i came back to home. sir, i failed to understand this modus operandi of dlf. when a meeting was going on with brokers outside of dlf office where customers were not allowed to enter how they came to know of my applications and allowed to approach me in dlf office to brain wash and arm twist to not to apply directly. there is something more than that meet the eyes. kindly investigate and you will find it is done with higherup's blessings. if investigated properly you will know of a scam where dealings are done underhand to absorb black money else why will DLF not transparent in allotments and will encourage direct customers. moreover, how come that dlf encourages their customer to apply only through brokers. is it because of any tactical understanding between two of them (dlf and brokers) why no publicity was done for the said launch and no customer interaction took place. was it a private allotment??? this is very strange that when it is the customer who buys the property they were barred from joining the launch meeting held in park hotel. are they doing some manipulations of black money through them, it appears so to me atleast. else why the rates and discounts on them were announced in a closed door meeting with brokers and discount were given only for one day to which only brokers were aware and not actual buyers, is it is not manipulation then what else it is. and where are the plots for weaker sections. are these too being sold through them to the influentail persons only at the market price with dealing in black money element is also there. i have also been aproached by brokers that they can buy me plots of smaller sizes if i can arrange for a black money and dealing will be done in the office of DLF

what is basis of allotment? is it first come first or draw system, again here also manipulations???

due to DLF comapny"s erratic policies and manipulations i was deprived of allotment of 02 plots for my sons even being the first to submit my application. is it not injustice meted out to me by DLF group.
kindly investigate and do justice
it is a case to investigate under
competition law, black money dealings, unfair trade practices, depriving weaker section of their rights, huda land violations and etc.
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: Aug 2011
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Real estate & Building Industry in India is place where corruption is rampant. There should be a strict rules governing this sector is need of the hour. In building Industry each and every step of activity is corrupt and generation of black money.


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