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Common Forms of Corruption

Bribery: the offering of money, services or other valuables to persuade someone to do something in return. Synonyms: kickbacks, baksheesh, .....

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Bribery: the offering of money, services or other valuables to persuade someone to do something in return. Synonyms: kickbacks, baksheesh, payola, hush money, sweetener, protection money, boodle, and gratuity.

Embezzlement: the taking of money, property or other valuables by the person to whom it has been entrusted for personal benefit.

Fraud: the use of deceit, trickery or false pretences to induce someone to turn over money, property, or other valuables voluntarily. Synonyms: swindle, deceit, double-dealing, cheat, and bluff.

Extortion: the demanding or taking of money, property or other valuables through use of coercion and/or force. A typical example of extortion would be when armed police or military men exact money for passage through a roadblock. Synonyms include blackmail, bloodsucking and extraction.

Abuse of discretion: the abuse of office for private gain, but without external inducement or extortion. Patterns of such abuses are usually associated with bureaucracies in which broad individual discretion is created, few oversights or accountability structures are present, as well as those in which decision-making rules are so complex as to neutralise the effectiveness of such structures even if they exist.

Nepotism: a form of favouritism that involves family relationships. It decribes situations in which a person exploits his or her power and authority to procure jobs or other favours for relatives.

Improper political contributions: payments made in an attempt to unduly influence present or future activities by a party or its members when they are in office.

Adapted from UNODC Anti-Corruption Toolkit and the EU’s Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative Glossary
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मौन है

मूक देख रहा
शहिद बेचारा मौन है
देख कर देश की हालत
सोच रहा
भ्रष्टाचार रुके
इस देश में
चाहता कौन है
पछता रहा
खोकर अमोल जवानी
उसे पता है जवानी का क्या मोल है
भ्रष्टचार रुके इस देश में चाहता कौन है
देख कर आज
अपने कर्मचारियो अधिकारिओ नेताओ की करनी
सोचता होगा
इस दुनिया में बलिदानों का क्या मोल है
रुके बेईमानी, भ्रष्टआचार
यहा चाहता कौन है
न्याय मांगने वालो से लेकर
न्याय देने वालो तक
लिपटे नज़र आते है
पिडित तो उस दिन से अब तक
पिडित ही नज़र आते है
उनकी पीड़ा मिटे
aअपने देश में भला
चाहता कौन है
इसलिए शहिद बेचारा मौन है .
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Talking Aim and Cause: Anti Corruption movement in India

Leave aside the corruption in high places, it is extremely frightening that the extent to which it has spread in the entire spectrum of the society, particularly governance and to which every countryman is subjected for his everyday needs/existance. Go to any government office, you have to deal with the Babu, the thanedar, the constable, the inspector, the court reader, the wardboy in the hospital ,the doctor of the government hospital the income tax, the salestax, the octroi the municipal functionaries and who not !! it spreads upwards no end. In these circumstances exhorting public not to give bribe is ridiculous. Babaji, Srisriji,kiranji you put yourself in the position of the aged ,the infirms the widows, the villager and the needy ordinary Indian and think whether his genuine and lawful request is attended to or not. What does the poor publicmen do. They go bribe, bribe and bribe,since they have no alternative Sir . Who benefits ? All in the system of governance . SO The fight against corruption should be directed to wards the the right of the ORDINARY public to get their rightful claims attended by those concerned and duty bound= in a time bound mannner and the person found responsible - low or high - for the undue delay/and or harassment be summarily punished. All else is mere eyewash like the Government sponsored lokpal bill against which this movement is so clearly directed. Present position is that the highly paid and protected government functionaries who are supposed to see this through in day to day manner are absolutely since they are the conduits and receive their share from their subordinates and pass it on to their superior and then on to the political bosses. If the ordinary work is done in routine manner who will give bribe.

Par aam aadmi bechara kyaa karey Jab Har Shaakh pe Ulloo baithen ho to anjam gulistaan kya hoga.

Can this luminary and honesty led movement give some releif ? The mood of the unfortunate Indian honestly speaking is NO NO and NO.

Prove otherwise please lest the common Indian is more HOPELESS THAN he is today.

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