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Acts and Laws Regarding Anti-Corruption

Classification of Offences and Period of Disqualification The following table (Attachment) gives the type of crime, the period of disqualification .....

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: Feb 2011
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Classification of Offences and Period of Disqualification

The following table (Attachment) gives the type of crime, the period of disqualification and the sections dealing with the relevant laws.

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: Oct 2008
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Thank you so much proud indian... I hope this will help many others..
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: Mar 2011
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Corruption in India - Punjab Epicentre of corruption.


In Kalyug, people are not truthful and even do not have shame. Now, where there is shame or SHARM, there is DHARM. In the South India, people have their identity established in their names and if a person takes bribe, then the victim will go to his father in the village and put him to shame. Such people have Dharm and that is why there Christ Thomas was enough and no Saint is born in that part of India. In the North India, people do not have the tribal identity in their names and have no SHARM in taking the bribes. That is why the Hospital for the spiritually sick is established in Amritsar well known for the CROOKS - AMRITSARIYAE ANDAR SARRIYAE. What gold has to do with God? Khatris occupied the Harmandir Sahib and got it gilded through a highly devoted Sandhu Jatt king Ranjit.
To-day, you have Lala Manmohan Singh Kohli Khatri, a Bhapa. They are well known in the Punjab.

So, you expect to stop corruption? People who are DHARMI never take bribe as in the South whilst those in the North, ADHARMI, will never stop taking bribe. They have the backing of the Khatris, the Kings of Darkness, who became Mullahs and killed their own Khatri Satgurus and Sachae Paatshah.
This Kalyug belongs to the people of Khatri tribe.
They are Kings and Emperors of Darkness.
None can beat the Kashmiri Khatris turned Mohammedans. They are Paying for killing the Last on earth Christ Sixth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji.
In Treta Yug, Khatris were Devta and there are still Devta Khatris. Find me one please.
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: Apr 2011
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Every indian is some how involved in corruption, and we should think about it.We are increasing it,everyone is involved in few systems which are related to government and knew the working method.Every indian should decide that i will expose corruption which is in his knowldge.I will not take bribe or give bribe and will also stop others from taking or giving it. Lets start from ourselves.Cant we start it ? we need to change the system.Though its tough but we need a start and involvment of people in it.All netizens should publsih corruptions on net, if he cant publish his name he should ciruculate it.
Lets start it with ouselves, yes we can do it
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