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I am for women reservation in Parliament: Kalam

Women organizations, struggling for over a decade for 33 percent reservation in Parliament and state assemblies,had got a strong supporter .....

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: Oct 2008
: India
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Arrow I am for women reservation in Parliament: Kalam

Women organizations, struggling for over a decade for 33 percent reservation in Parliament and state assemblies,had got a strong supporter in our Ex-President A P J Abdul Kalam

He feels that the move would change the ''dynamics of Indian politics.'' ''I am for women reservation in Parliament,'' Dr Kalam told about his views on the controversial Women Reservation Bill, which has been stalled for over a decade due to absence of consensus.

''I will answer your question only if you tell me how womenmembers constituting 33 percent of the total strength in Parliament,will change the dynamics of Indian politics,'' he said.

When he was told that welfare measures like health, habitation,and employment would be more in focus of the polity and corruptionwould reduce, the President agreed.

However, he said that the answer was ''incomplete'' as he feltthat the presence of more women in legislature would transform thedynamics of Indian politics.

''It will reduce the present level of violence in the polity,'' Dr Kalam pointed out.
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: May 2010
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Fifty per cent of Indias one billion population is women. Women must get 33 per cent reservation. If women are there in Parliament, they will do social justice, he said.
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: Apr 2011
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no reservations, govt should provide free education in private sector colleges/schools for students based on their financial status, that's it

and rest of things should be done as per procedure with out any reservations
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: Apr 2011
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Post Reservation in politics is a need but in education it should be based on economic factors

I believe reservation in politics is essential. The members of parliament, legislative assemblies and other institutions are there to represent the country and proper representation can only be possible if all sections of society have representation there.When it comes to representation reservation in multi cultural society is good as it helps every section of society to have belief that they are also heard where it matters.

However, Education system or employment is not for representation of people. These system are focused to groom and take benefit of talented people to make India a better place as a whole. Reservation including scholarships based on economic situations are welcome. No one would oppose it, but probably no one will give vote to ruling party if and when implemented. Why should a so called higher caste student (studied in village school which don't have resources,against all odds studies hard) not get admission if he scores same as so called lower caste student (whose parent got benefit of reservation and are a collector & above, studied in very good school). I've seen second case in my college which happens to be top Engg college in MP, has 50 % reserved seats + 33% female reservation + other reserved seats for JK/Freedom fighter and what not.

Reservation is good if implemented in true spirits, it really helps some people. But from what I've seen almost all classmates who benefited would have benefited even if there were reservation on basis of economic and quality of academic facilities. Because they made it against all odds and were up for higher education. There were many who got admission in reserved seats but they eventually dropped out by end of 4 years, and end up eating seat which some meritorious student could have taken.
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