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Lets go to prison

16 steps . Carry water bottle with you Please wear a sunscrean too,if its summer time Avoid wearing costly ray-ben's .....

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: Oct 2008
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Lets go to prison

16 steps .
  1. Carry water bottle with you
  2. Please wear a sunscrean too,if its summer time
  3. Avoid wearing costly ray-ben's etc,u might end up with broken glasses after lathi charge .
  4. Make sure to wave at the cameras for your glory moment
  5. Expression(angry young man ...yeah ,u got it )
  6. Tell ur mummy you shall be home shortly after the lathi charge incase you dont get arrested .
  7. Tell some burly strong friends to watch out your back in case police waalahs beat you black and blue .
  8. Wear a cotton t shirt prefrably as water cannons are going to make you wet ,cottons dry quicky .Jeans would get so wet that it would get difficult to run ,so try wearing a sports gear .Nike would be a great bet .Carry an extra old chappal ,as u might need to throw at the politicians who shall come there trying to nullify your stand .
  9. Carry a choclate with you for emergency (incase u feel hungry ,as it might take whole day and a subsequent arrest . )
  10. Try not being pick-pocketed (happened with a friend )
  11. Do not take an expensive cell phone along (we spent whole night looking for my friends new n94 ,after lathi charge.
  12. Close your eyes when they fire water cannons ,imagine you are in a very painful but glorious " LIRIL advertisement"
  13. Dont be the overzealous guy who climbs a barricade alone ,that would guarantee star tv /satellite tv covering you and 25 million homes watching you while they kick your ass !(it happened to one of my friends ,he is still getting teased .).
  14. If by mistake you hit a police wallah ,dont be a nice samaritan to say sorry uncle ", rather run for your life , cos if they catch you ,after initial danda -parade , you might end up in locker .
  15. When they use tear gas ,take a toffee and try to swallow its juice as much as you can ,also keep a wet handkerchief at your face.
  16. Dont forget to click some pictures of police atrocities .If you are lucky some news channel might buy them ,or u can exhibit them in your orkut profile to tell people how tough you are .u might end up getting quota ' ie . reserrvation to fight under anti-reservation moment ..India's crazy country and anything can happen here .
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