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Corrupt the corrupt
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: Aug 2014
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Red face RPFC corrupt @ chennai

Hi there,

Employee provident fund organization is meant to ensure and provide safe and secured social security benefits from the monthly contributions made by hard labour.
The new provident fund commissioner I by name S D Prasad has been arm twisting both employers and beneficiaries for his personal needs and money..he speaks with attitude of extortion even in a open forum with employers and employees..even scary is if he is so forceful, what can be his backbone of strength..his bosses ? Central pf vigilance team etc..he has nearly made 5 crores in last one year..getting his newposh home built..god save hard earned money...whereas he threatens large companies of harassment who are complying but let go of small ones who never comply..they just pay him a bribe and go scot free..hope there is a sting operation done and some controls done before a blast of shocking news about employee accumulations and employer voices.
Jai hind.
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