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: May 2013
: Goregaon,Mumbai
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Yu go to any shops, men cheat women, go to any private vehicles seeing women men cheat, autorickshaw walas cheat girls/women, go to buy any thing Men cheat Women ... everywhere Male-dominated society where Men cheat and Fool Women, ......go to buy gold seeing women the goldsmith will give gold with 50%mixed copper rather than 24 carat gold, go to a repairer shop for repairing TV or any items the shopkeeper will rob all good parts of TV and add faulty parts so this is the status of women..
I'll give yu my own example-- My ex-husband robbed Rs 900/- from my purse on day of marriage.. cunningly put air ticket of his smuggler boss in my purse which he made me courier... etc etc So reservation is a must and maternity LEAVE SHOULD BE 1 YEAR WITH FULL SALARY to all employees in any Govt or Private Offices...

I made complaint to WOMAN COMMISSION DR Girija Vyas -- She says " pehle hi kyon nahi ayi "? If I would go b4 without having any complaint would she help me /she would say " aapka kuch problem hi nahi aap kyon ayi ho? and when I went now to her she cannot help when I have hundreds of problems ///
When Women are in trouble even WOMANS ASSOCIATIONS dont do anything they only talk meetha meetha and avoid yu...One person told me " Womans associations are biggest suppliers of girls to hotels for sex and offence"
MY EX-BOSS MR ANJANI PRASAD CLARIANT INTERNATIONAL harassed me to such an extent ( worked 1998 to 1999) still till today he is harassing me.I went to his Professor Prof. HT LOKHANDE ---" He said " If you would have come before to me I would have " controlled PRASAD" "
After the crime is over everyone says" Y YU DINT COME B4 " ... After the boat has sunk everyone knows how it could have been saved!!!!!!!
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