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: Oct 2012
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Question Do we really live in Independent Country??

Good morning friends,

yesterday i was watching movie Bhagat Singh leading role by Ajay Devgan.

Do you think we are independent, i don't think so.

Before 1947 100,000 Britishers were looting our nation and now almost same number of politicians are looting our country, what is difference??

So many people are struggling for their bread and butter.

One Rikshaw driver is far better in values than these corrupted people, he is working hard for his bread and butter.

I wish IAC and Anna's team will bring the change.

I was watching news last night that number of IAS officers and ex army officers joined the Anna's team.

Well done all those who involved with this mission.

Our support will always be with honest people.

Jai Hind>>
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