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kompella sarma
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: Aug 2012
: Mumbai
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Corrupt will be rewarded, it is not new phenomena.

I want to bring current afire from AP to this site, this was about Andhra Minister Botcha satanarayana. He was become popular because of Volkswagen scam in Andhra. Recently he becomes more popular because of liquor mafia in Andhra.
All I am quoting from in media reports, also raised by other parties and his own party rebels.
Common man doesn’t know what happened to Volkswagen scam and what stage it is.
AP CM want to take him on politically, he was initiated ACP probe on liquor rocket. That time media followed closely, as per ACP leak report that he owns 200 more liquor shops. Satanarayana later explained that shops belong to his relatives and congress party workers.
After few days pass, Unfortunately Sonia mediates between CM and Botcha. Again common man doesn’t know what happened after that.
It also come in media, he had many binami properties on many persons. Few months back one cinema producer controversy botcha name come, said he was his binami. This producer was small comedy actor come from middle class family. He is able to make multicorore movies. Now he is multimillionaire. One of the function clips shown in media where Botcha attended, this producer said, even he murder any one, Botcha will save him.
As per his constituency people and some story from media he comes from below middle class family. That time Botcha clime, he had millions of ancestor proprieties. We have to observe his income tax returns (I will be filing RTI on it).
As per media, the current marriage cost will be more than 10 cores,
The stage itself cost 1 core. Per person meal cost 500+, attendees are more than 10000 persons.
I don’t understand why income tax is not questions and ride on him, if common man spends 5lac or more they send notice and ride.
How these political persons have so much money, how they able to start industries and big business.
How they industries and business are in profits irrespective of market and economy. They able to get wind fall gains.
God save my country