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Eshan Diya
: Dec 2011
: Kolkata
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Sell stevia and face legal action in india

My knowledge is limited. However, it is clarified is a natural sweetener for diabetics and patients of phenylketonuria(genetic disorder). It is non-fermentive and flavour-enhancing.
People of Paraguay have been using stevia for hundreds of years, while, China has been using the sweetener commertially for the past two decades. None of them has reported any harmful side effects-the human body metaboliuses the sweetening agents of stevia just like any other glycosode. The national health inspection authorities in China has approved stevia as a food additive and in Australia it is listed as therapeutic goods.
In 2004, the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives of the WHO allowed using stevia as food additive whereas Food and Safety Standards Authority (FSSAI) has banned it ? Looks like 2G! Coalgate! FSSAI should give scientific reason for the ban!
Annual average net output on the lower side will be Rs 1,50,000/- per year per acre (0.4 hectare)
It is suspected that lobby backing aspartame, an approved artificial sweetener, behind the non approval of stevia. Artificial sweeteners have been mired in controversy as some of them have been found to be carcinogenic.