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J R Mohan
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: Jul 2012
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Media & Anna's Movement

Our national media acts very quick. It generally guesses , discusses and predicts almost all important national happenings . Anna's movement is no exception to it. Almost all T. V. channels and newspapers are now busy discussing Annna's next move and his decision to disband his core committee.
What surprises me is the media's complete silence over the ruling party's and all other national parties complete silence over the Jan Lokpal Bill . In tandem with the end of the fast , the U P A was quick to announce that the Jan Lok Pal Bill will not be taken up in the monsoon session of the Parliament. Does it not speak UPA' apathy to the corruption issue ? Does it not convey the message that our political system is completely devoid of honesty ? Why the other political parties have maintained such a holy silence over this issue ?

I wish that our media discusses this aspect also . There is a lot behind the obvious.

J R Mohan.
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