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: Aug 2012
: Faridaabad
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No no no never in politics

No no no no - never - this will evolve a different trend that every time for any good and just thing to happen in our country - every group and individual will fight an election - this is totally against the spirit of democracy - those who are elected members must be and should be pressurised and forced by the public at large in population in general to correct their deeds and provide good governance
elected member should me made accountable to the public - after all those who are elected are servants of nation and its population not that each time a group is elected with some hopes and than they become looters for next five years
thinking of future of this country for next 25 years - their must be some social - non-political groups to check the elected ones
pls. Pls. Think twice - thrice - a big no to election and team anna should and must remain a social non-political outfit - fighting for just causes for the country

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