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What to do if someone ask for bribe to do his duty? (No Voilence act)

Hi All

I am sure everybody must have been victim of corruption and must come across a corrupt office asking money for doing his duty. But guys it we who encourage him by giving it him. If he is not doing his duty make him realize that he is not doing it, i agree these are born with very skin and will go to any extent to ask for money. but guys in pune to get simple paper from the land procurment office ideally you have to wait for 7 days to get, i went to the after ten 10 days but one lady officer there refused to give it me , she kept on asking to come tommrow will i did for next 8 days but on the 8 day this lady officer was ashmed and i could see it in her eye, she open the cupboard and gave me the papers which were already ready. And i felt like an hero that time trust me what a great feeling it was guys try it..............Please guys dont give bribe or take it

Please support Anna Hazare
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