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: Apr 2011
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Dear All,
I am writing this letter from Tirupur- Tamil nadu - India ,
I Think most of the Indian pupils are already aware about the City Name Tirupur ,
Here in Tirupur the Major Business is the Hosiery Garment Manufacturing for Domestic & Export Purpose, Near about seven to Ten Lack pupils are working as Direct Labours & Indirect Labours for this Business in the different areas like spinning, knitting, processing, finishing & garment manufacturing, etc.... there is lott of related works are there to have the Garment out from this factories, Now a days we are facing a very big problem as all the dyeing factories were closed by the High Court , Due to the Pollution problem, I would like to explain about the pollution problem first of all to know the details of the same before coming to the topic, when we add the colour to the fabrics The dyers have to add some dyes & chemicalls to get the particular colour & finishing, water also used along with the dyes & chemicals, after the process the out going water & the water with dye bath , if the dyers out let the processed water & the dye bath it will be effected the earth & the ground level water , To aviod this problem & to treate the out let water from the dyeing factories the Dyers are instructed by the Tamilnadu pollution control board to do some process Treatments to take out the chemicals form the dye bath & water from the dyeing factories , It's one way to treat the water & get the good water form the polluted water , The same process is implemented & operated the treatment plants by Individual & common ,But the problem now is the salt condent on the treated water which is coming around 3000-3500 , As per the government rule the salt condent should be below 100 , which si not at all possible even the salt condent on the Ground level water is also around 2500-3000 , The Tamilnadu government & the Pollution Contrrol Board should guide the dyers either to solve this issue or have to implement some new process to sole the issue , But the both authorities said blindly either do not out the single drop of water to the eart or the salt condent have to be below 100 bpm, This is the rule followed by the Tamilnadu Government only in India ,Other state governmenmts are followed some different policies , So ultimately effected the pupils who are related to the hosiery works & the exporters , request the government & the polution control board to take xome neccessory action to run the dyeing factories as usual, by Taking the treatment process under the Pollution control board & they can treat the dyeing out let waters as per the norms by the Govenment & they can charges the treatment cost to the Dyers based on the watre released by them , This is one way , ther other way to drop all the dyeing out let waters to sea , By passing the waters by the pipelines whic is one of the life long solution, please keep the six seven lack pupils in mind & do the needfull at the earliest,
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