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: Apr 2011
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Currently as things stand - you either bribe him/her or wait till he/she has a change of heart and does the job, which basically means not having anything done.

This, unfortunately is why most people pay up - its not that they like bribing, but its about getting things done (for their own or others' good). For example, take someone trying to set up a business - he has to stuff so many mouths with notes before his business can start. He doesn't have a choice - either pay or get your papers stuck (possibly for ever), so its a question of survival for him (at least that's true for all small businessmen). And this is what these blood-suckers know very well. Its a cheap sort of black-mail/extortion - pay up or forget your business. Problem is, the system is so self-serving that even if a few people join hands, nothing much will happen. All they will end up doing is shouting against a wall!

Unfortunately this is what one Indian does to another - in a "free", "democratic" country!! This is utter disrespect for a fellow citizen - a complete ignorance and voilation of a person's dignity & liberty to be denied a service that is legitimately his or her right, till he/she pays a bribe. At the root of it is lack of self-respect resulting in complete and auabashed shamlessness: No self-respecting person would ask for a bribe, no matter what his/her salary is.

Lokpal bill will go some way in bringing this under control, but what is needed is an overall remedy - where, for a start each Indian first learns the value of "self-respect" and then each Indian respects another Indian's self-respect, before things start to improve.
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