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: Mar 2011
: Patna
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While the question of corruption and its eradication appears to have occupied the minds of all those who care, the government is trying to find ways and means of obfuscating it from the public vision. After somehow weathering it out in the parliament, the government has been bestowed on a platter an opportunity to dramatize cricket. If India had not got into the semis, there would not have been this stage managed drama foisted on the nation by Dr. MMS. This gives him a unique opportunity to deflect our attention from corruption/black money and all that to cricket which has just a passing interest for the toiling masses who are burdened with corruption on every pore of his life. We have witnessed these dramatic interludes in the past as well. They haven't achieved anything for the country except some high sounding expressions of platitude emanating from both sides of the border. We shall not be carried away by this cacophony of cricket and will keep our energy rivetted on 5th April when Anna Hazare is going to undertake that fast at Jantar Mantar. We will pull the government down on to the earth from the high pedestal of cricket and wake it from its reverie. LETS MARCH ON TO JANTAR MANTAR.
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