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Thumbs up Anti-Corruption : Duites of the Media & the Masses

For the Media : -

1. It Is Well Known To You That The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword And It Rests Upon You To Protect This Country From This Vicious Circle Yours Is The Powerful Means To Focus These Issues To The Public And You Are the Mirror Image Of People’s Ambition.
2. Encourage Investigative Journalism There By Working For Their Welfare Through People’s Co-Operation.
3. Inspire And Motivate The People By Creating Awareness Among People About The Peaceful Crusade Against Corruption And Make Time Lively.
4. It Is Largely Upon You To Extirpate The Evil Of Corruption Under The Wheels Of Juggernaut.

For the Masses : -

1. Discourage And Curb Corrupt Practices And Not Fall In Line with Illegal Means To Get A Favor.
2. Getting Work Done In Speedy And Easy Manner, The People Should In No Way Bolster Corruption.
3. It Is To Be Remembered That Proffering Bribe Is Also Crime.
4. If Proper Service Is Being Rejected To You Through Bureaucrats , Take It In Writing The Reasons For Rejection From Them. Submit All Requisite Certificates With In The Stipulated Time.
5. Please Do Not Try To Evade Taxes By Greasing The Palm Of The Corrupt Officials. Take Receipt After Paying The Taxes. The Tax Paid By You Is Used For The Development Of Your Country.
6. Don’t Forget To Take Receipt/Bill For Each Article You Purchase And File The Receipt/Bill.
7. If You Are Asked Bribes From Persons Of Political And Bureaucratic Set-ups, Inform It To The Higher Ups, Or Air It Through Press With Out Any Fear, Don’t forget your fundamental Rights, Use your Rights .
8. Foster Your Wards In A Most Selfless, Moral, And Altruistic Manner.
9. Never Try To Get A Favor From Government Schemes Which Are Unconcerned To You In Any Way.
10. Never Strive To Get Easy Money, It Is An Unbecoming Act.
11. Never Fall Prey To The Corrupt Politicians For Their Money And Wine.
12. Develop Spirituality In Heart To Become A Good Citizen And Bring Mother India Out Of Woods From The Vicious Circle For Good Of The Future Generations.
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