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  1. 'Satyavrat'
    05-14-2012 -
    DELHI GOVERNMENT - Directotrate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Old Secretariate,Delhi -110 054 and Its District Offices. and Government Schools offices run by the Derictorate are badly managed by the Corrupt Officers (Class-I). The Vice-Principals(officiating), Principals, Education Officers, and Deputy Director of Education (DDE's) are being promoted without screening of written Examination. Such promotees were recruited in Government Schools under favouring atmosphere and they had never faced a channel of written examination.

    Due to incompetency such promotee candidates take help of bribe Cash and in kind to justify their claim for the higher POSTS. They face completely uneasy in notings / draftings and even reading the CIRCULARS / O/O ISSUED BY THE GOVERNMENT. This malpratice is at high level and ruining the honesty in the governmental structure.

    'SATYAMEVJAYTE' the 14.05.2012

    While, the competent class of Teachers is waiting for a fair selection to the POSTS of Class I under mode of written Examinations.

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