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  1. YashBaraskar
    08-17-2011 -
    Good Job Mate!
    I want to send this message urgently, that people of India should now take care of the security of Anna Hazare.
    08-16-2011 -
    राष्ट्रपती प्रतिभा ताई पाटील,
    सकाळ पेपर दी.१५/८/२०११.मध्ये राष्ट्रपती पाटील यांनी जे वक्तव्य केले ते चुकीचे आहे. राष्ट्रपती यांना लोकप्रतिनिधी ,मंत्री यांनी केलेल्या भ्रष्ट्राच्यारवर मौन
    पाळले आहे. आण्णांनी सुरु केलेले अहिंसक,शांतीमय आंदोलन हे मात्र राष्ट्रपतीनी न करण्याचा आव्हानआण्णा आणि समर्थकांना केले हे कितपत बरोबर आहे.
    राष्ट्रपतीना हिंसक ,राष्ट्रीय संपत्तीची मोडतोड करणारे आंदोलन आवडते का? याचा अर्थ भारटाच भवितव्य काय आहे. हे लोकशाही आहे का
    08-16-2011 -
    Thanks Neeraj
  4. Phani Manyam
    04-07-2011 -
    Phani Manyam
    Hi Neeraj,

    Greeting for the day!

    Today morning I came to know about this website through an article in a daily newspaper. It wrote about your website which is supporting the cause and also about how the views increased in one day. Feeling really great and inspired about the movement which started by Anna Hazare.

    Every day when we read about the scams and the corruption that is happening in our country... the first thought which most of us get is "CANNT WE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT"

    I am sure that nothing is impossible in India. To take this movement much forward I have few of the below ideas on which would request your opinion.

    1) Each and every person wanted to support this movement but the biggest challenge is always on how we get all of them on one platform??

    For this one way is designing few posters and circulating the same across india through internet those who really wanted to support will take the print outs of the same and display it. For this if you need any support in design part please let me know so that will do the needful.

    Before i go ahead with few more ideas would like to know your details and the way that you are contributing to the movement apart from the website

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