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  1. vvsr
    08-25-2011 -
    Who are the actual dictators, liars whether govt or team Anna? It is team Anna, they are misguiding the people of India. AK said that ministers have scolded them in today's meeting, if that is the situation then how the Anna's team had sandwich, beverages, soup in the meeting, when somebody is really scolding u can u have food? AK, KB, PB are publicly asking people to protest against govt. If u dont trust govt then how do you expect to trust the team to whatever they say is true? Wake up, dont waste your time this is not the way to deal with the bill or the movement.
  2. vvsr
    08-24-2011 -
    As member of Team Anna state that they have waited for the past 42 yrs for a strong janlokpal bill and they cannot wait anymore, so the bill to be passed within 4 days. Then why Mr Anna or his team members were not raising their voices for the past 42 years then. I am not the supporter of Congress party but the way Anna and his team has moved from April makes me feel that some people are hidding behind the Anna's face for creating all this. Who will bear the expenses on the cost of govt money spent. Initially Anna agreed for an indefinite fast and if required medical aid will be accepted and now refusing to move to hospital and creating an emergency in India, what is the true face of Anna and his movement?
  3. vvsr
    08-24-2011 -
    Team Anna are very arrogant looking at the people gathered for their movement. Indians are not only the people who are gathered at Ramlila ground. Every Indian should be given a chance to put foward their opinions & views. Can people who are all supporting Anna movement confirm that atleast 10% of you have not paid or received bribe, favour, gratitude, etc. In the name of movement you are wasting the time and money of all Indians. Media is contributing its share for this crisis by telecasting 24/7 nonstop abusing govt and indirectly supporting the social activisits who are arrogant and unpracticable. If you change the parliament proceedings or procedures for the sake of this bill then every one of them will go on fast till death if govt does not accept to their demands immediately.

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