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  1. rajan1830
    08-20-2011 -
    VANDE MATARAM. A crusader like ANNA HAZZARE has fought for so long years on various issues to improve the lives of common people now again he is showing us the right path so every patriot(desh bhakt)who loves his,her mother land has to support Anna and fight along with him to terminate corruption.
    Congress and its allies are a menace a devil which are looting our nation for decades ,having said that no other politician or political party has done any good for our nation .congress party which has ruled india for so long years cant even provide clean drinking water to the people now with this uprising the congress party is losing its power its popularity and when it realises that its popularity is diminishing and it is losing its ground it can go to extreme.remember its(congress) history it assasinates somebody from its own family to gain sympathy.I urge the people not to fall in this trap this time and continue this struggle which anna hazzare has started.Fellow patriots remember what happened to sikhs in delhi riots after the assasination of indira gandhi,what happened to bhopal gas victims they still dont get justice and the culprits the crimanals were let off through back doors and they are still roaming free,remember what happened to bofors gun case, these politicians corrupt bureaucrats are playing with our countrys defence, remember the charra gotala case by lalu prasad yadav, these traitors not only eat into human food but also they dont even spare the food which is meant for cattles(animals).This corrupt system and this corrupt people have to be terminated once for all.

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