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    10-28-2011 -
    Refine India Movement
    Jan Lokpal bill to become Act

    I am just watching the comedies going on in the political play ground enacted by the Congress and allies. Before going into the details of why Congress is anti Jan Lokpal Bill, let me expose the amount of money stashed by several people from India, into the Swiss Bank accounts.
    The People Keeping Indian Money in Swiss Bank account and betraying the Nation:
    Names Amount ( in INR crores ) (wikileaks)

    1. Prabodh Mehta 28,000
    2. Chintan Gandhi 1,956
    3. Arun Mehta 2,500
    4. Ramdev Paswan 3,500
    5. Neara Radiya * 2,59,990
    6. Rajeev Gandhi * 1,95,000
    7. Naresh Goyal 1,45,600
    8. Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin * 10,500
    9. Manoj Dhupelia 9,550
    10. A.Raja * 7,500
    11. Harshad Mehta D * 1,35,800
    12. S.S.Palanimanickam * 4,500
    13. Ketau parekh 8,200
    14. Pabau Singh Ghatowat 3,905
    15. Rendezvous Sports World 29,500
    16. H.D.Kumaraswamy * 14,500
    17. C.P.Krishnan Nair 4,520
    18. Lalu Prasad Yadav * 29,800
    19. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia * 9,000
    20. Kalanidhi maran * 15,000
    21. Karunanidhi * 35,000
    22. Sarath Pawar * 28,000
    23. Suresh Kalmadi * 5,900
    24. Chithambaram * 32,000
    25. Raj Foundation 1,89,008
    26. Urvashi Foundation 2,89,745
    27. Ambrunova Trust 17,658
    28. Arun Kochar 15,450
    29. Prabodh Mehta 1,480 Total amount = 15,33,056 (Rupees
    Fifteen lakhs thirty three thousand and fifty six crores).
    * The names marked * are familiar and known to almost all.
    ** There are more than 985 other names yet to be published by Wikileaks.
    In the above list you can find the names of ex and present cabinet ministers of the Central Govt., Karnataka & TN.State Ministers, political brokers, etc., If the Jan Lokpal Bill is passed in the Parliament, can any person, tainted with corruption, escape? Obviously this may be the reason for the UPA trying it hard to restrict this People’s welfare and prosperity oriented bill from becoming the law, through false allegations and charges. How honest our Ministers are? Now it is our duty to fight vehemently to enable the bill to be passed and become the law. It is our duty also to rise against the corrupts and do our best to throw them away from public activities. So we have to join as a force and concentrate on helping the leaders of IAC Movement to do their jobs effectively and immediately.
    Please see the name of Congress Spokesperson, ‘Dig vijaya singh’. Yes he sincerely ‘Dig’ the grave for Congress by opening his dirty mouth, instead of keeping ‘Dig’nity. The true villain of Congress party is in a hurry to burry it. Let him at least do it properly. We the people are observing the behaviour of Congress leaders. We see them not trust worthy. The coming elections will give them the reward for their betrayal to the Nation.
    The Prime Minister may not be directly involved in the scams which had cost the Nation several lakhs of crores of rupees. All that happened could have been prevented in the initial stage itself. The Prime Minister instead of protecting those loses have willfully allowed it to happen. This shows his irresponsibility. Wrong man in a right place. Why he had not been prosecuted is the Million dollar question. Why the remote controller Sonia Gandhi had not made any attempt to activate the PM against the scams?
    The Price rise of essential commodities are the hand work of our managers only. If I am the Finance Minister now, I will bring down the prices within the affordable levels of the common man in no time. It is possible. The only thing lacking is the will. For this the congress party has to receive the onslaught from the people in the coming elections. No doubt it will be decimated.
    The ruling Congress party and its PM and diffence Ministers are so lethargic in protecting the Nation from the incursions of the Chinese Army. The repetition of 1962 invasion of Chinese Army and capturing Indian territories is very much on the cards. Lakhs of square kilo meters lost during that war when Jawaharlal Nehru was the PM, had not been retrieved. What this Congress party had done to it? Same is the situation now also. There is another irresponsible Congress PM is in the realm. As usual Congress PM will take no effective step to protect our territory and will go scot-free after gifting our territories to the enemy nation. Again they will contest in the elections also with the hope that the people will not take it seriously and elect them to do again some other betrayal.
    Mayilai Sugumar,
    Founder Convenor
    Refine India Movement Ph: 044 25612128, Mob: 9445215274

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