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Can kids of ST mom, upper caste dad avail quota benefits?

Can kids of ST mom, upper caste dad avail quota benefits? Please refer to this News item and comment... Ahmedabad: .....

: Can kids of ST mom, upper caste dad avail quota benefits?
Yes, Of course! 0 0%
No, I think they don't deserve it, if at all it were to be caste-based reservation 5 21.74%
Can't Say. Let the court rule 1 4.35%
I am against any sort of reservation whatsoever! 17 73.91%
: 23.

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: Oct 2008
: Chandigarh
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Post Can kids of ST mom, upper caste dad avail quota benefits?

Can kids of ST mom, upper caste dad avail quota benefits?
Please refer to this News item and comment...

Ahmedabad: Can children of a mother belonging to scheduled tribe married to an upper caste Hindu obtain benefits of the reservation system? This issue is to be decided by Gujarat High Court, as a pharmacist has approached the court after the Commissioner, Tribal Welfare ordered to cancel his caste certificate and withdraw all benefits of reservations, including his degree certificate.

As per case details, a Bhil Christian woman Elisabeth Samuel Patel (Damor) married to a Hindu Brahmin Ramanlal Dave. A boy Mayank was born to them in 1980. The Social Welfare Department had issued a certificate of Schedule Tribe (ST) category to Mayank in 1992, while he was studying in school in Dahod. On completing school in 1999, he sought admission for a pharmacy diploma course and produced his caste certificate.

The Centralised Degree Admission Committee was alarmed after looking at his certificate, particularly finding that Mayank's father was a high caste Brahmin. The Committee asked a vigilance officer to verify the genuineness of the caste certificate and whether Mayank was eligible for benefits of quota system. Meanwhile, he was given admission, he got his diploma and for last two months started working as a pharmacist at the Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) in Godhra.

After due inquiry, albeit after 10 years, the Tribal Welfare Commissioner ordered last month that Mayank's caste certificate be cancelled and the benefits he had obtained through this certificate also be withdrawn. Thus, Mayank is set to lose his educational qualification as well as the job.
Stumped with the commissioner's order, Mayank filed a writ petition in the high court through advocate Saurabh Patel, wherein he has challenged the commissioner's direction. In his petition, he cited a Government Resolution dated August 31, 1987, which makes Mayank eligible to get benefit of caste certificate.

Moreover, the petitioner also contended that the state is bound to give special recognition to the marriages of so-called caste Hindu with members of SC/ST because such marriages remove imbalances and inequalities in society.

A division bench of Chief Justice KS Radhakrishnan and Justice MS Shah admitted the petition and ordered a stay on any action against the petitioner till the petition is disposed of. The court has also asked Mayank not to obtain any promotional benefit on basis of his caste certificate.
: Oct 2008
: India
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Can kids of ST mom, upper caste dad avail quota benefits?

I am against any sort of reservation whatsoever!
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: Jun 2009
: Mumbai
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The reservation should based on the econominc condition of the candidate..... and not on the cast....... else the list will continue... like OBC, SC, ST, NT1, NT2, NT3, PH and on & on.......
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: May 2010
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Casting divides us which defeat us from global competition and throw away and we face terrorist attacks as some minority people believe that they will get their rights through attacks.
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: Dec 2010
: Panipat
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Our country is going to collapse in the near future, thanks to these vote bank tactics of these political parties. A handful Of gujjars have taken the whole country at ransom for this Unconstitutional Provision of Reservation. The acts being done by these people depicts that instead of reservation they need to be taught how to live in a civilised society. Sitting on railway tracks, stopping milk supply, breaking water supply pipelines, shutting down markets, All these activities shows that they are some of the people who deserve to be in the Barbaric ages only.
The whole country is being Blackmailed by some people who demand reservation. Are these people empowered to hinder the RIGHT TO LIVE of other citizens of the nation for the fulfilment of their own hidden agendas.

Rajputs in Rajasthan have announced their agitation for reservation from January 2011 onwards to get reservation for their community.

Jats in Haryana and other northern states have already twisted the arms of law and order for their demand on reservation a month back and have announced again to start their agitation.

What all is going on? On one side our constitution declares that every citizen is equal and nobody is above the Law. And on other side our corrupt Politicians twist the provisions of the constitution for this unjustified Reservation policy. The situation is really going to be very weird and dreadful in the near future.
The Government has shown the way to these Unsocial Elements of the society. The more a community will resort to violence and bloodshed, the more quota it will get as award for these activities which can be compared to terrorism.

During the previous reservation agitation of the gujjars in Rajasthan , these criminals , very barbarically and brutally killed policemen and insulted their bodies afterwards . But the Government didnt even dare to prosecute these criminals. Are they above the Law?
Instead the Government withdrew all the cases registered against these criminals. When they can get whatever they ask for by just resorting to violent measures and even be given awards in the guise of withdrawl of cases, then who will be afraid of Law.
The government is itself throwing the nation into a black hole by this reservation policy.
What will happen with those citizens who are not Gujjars, Jats etc. Have they done a crime by taking birth in this country. The reservation never reaches to those who genuinely need this for upliftment.
The Government should implement reservation on an economic basis only. There are poor and needful people in every community, Be it the so called higher castes like Brahmins, Baniya etc or the other castes as well. The poor people should be given reservation and not those who try to twist the arms of the country by violence.

If the Government wants to let this country prevail, then the government should atleast scrap all the reservations for a year and then see who needs upliftment and who doesnt.
I personally appeal to the Government to stop this vote bank politics. It doesnt effect you people but the common citizens of this country are fed up with all this. LET PEACE PREVAIL.
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: Oct 2009
: 216 | 0.04 Per Day

Its a good sign that people are uniting and understanding the ill-effect of reservation system. I specially thank admin and controller of this site who are taking care to convey messages to the concerned persons.
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: Oct 2009
: 216 | 0.04 Per Day

I hope these 394 members are active members who will take this figure to 394 lacs in coming days.


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