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My objections to lokpal as a workable solution

First let me mentin that i respect Anna hazarre and Arvind Kejriwal. Secondly i respect this anti corruption movement and .....

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Post My objections to lokpal as a workable solution

First let me mentin that i respect Anna hazarre and Arvind Kejriwal.

Secondly i respect this anti corruption movement and its initiatives.

Thirdly i do think that this govt has done a lot of corruption and needs to be weeded out. 2G is a firm example.

Fourthly i think lokpal is really a very good concept as far as C and D employees are concerened because at thier level their funciton/job/work is pretty much decided and if they do not work or ask for bribe they must be punished severly.

I do think that a lokpal while investigating Group A/B or ministers/MPs should be given all the powers to investigate(in fact even the power to tap phones and what not). And i think it should be perfectly allowed to raid premises of such ministers, scan their wealth and file every
disproportionate asset case against them.

Now Let me explain what my objection is

1) Most of the ministers/GroupA/B employees make money by participating in policy decisions. They take decisions which directly or indirectly benefit a party or set of parties(media houses/corporates/organizations) e.t.c and they get money from that party behind the scene.

2) Most of the decisons taken at ministerial level also involve a lot of fortitude and there is reasonable likely hood that a decision taken may turn out to be bad in the hindsight but was considered good when it was taken atfirst. A bad decision will obviosuly prompt lokpal to make a conclusion that bad decision was taken to get benefits. Lokpal will be able to explain the loss too in terms of exact amount lost.

But would it be fair to put that penalty on that minister, attach all of his and his family's property and also put him in jail, for the sheer lack of fortitude/error in judgement.How will judge/lokpal assess if the policy decision is a case of corruption or error in judgement.

I mean if the disproportionate asset case falls in the court of law, it will become extremely difficult to prove whether a said case is a case of corruption or that of an error in judgement.

As a slight rebuttal to my own argument, I think what most corrupt ministers may do instead, is that they themsleves/or their friends/close associates/ relatives, take up high paying jobs with corporates to explain their wealth as salary from that corporate.

They will make sure that corporates provide them 5 star treatment at company cost and hence would be able to hide their corrupt practices. However what i can clearly see is that they can avail such benefits for only that duration as teh decision gets policy implemented and after that those companies will throw them out.

OR else they will hide they money abroad in bank accounts, which i guess is what Congress has done.

However the larger question remains, if you are not able to explain dis-proportinate asset case either because
1) The minister is honest
2) Or he has been able to hide his income by distributing it among his circle(which could be party, relatives, friends, family)

then there is no case of corruption.

In nutshell, i think all we need is a means to assess black money held with person/or his party/relatives/family..everything else is inconsequential or atleast secondary.

What do you guys think?


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