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Managing population control - The First step

Hi, I have earlier written about my views on lokpal, controlling black money and corruption. Today i shall like to .....

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Post Managing population control - The First step

Hi, I have earlier written about my views on lokpal, controlling black money and corruption. Today i shall like to attack a more fundamental problem of population control

That population needs to be controlled should be the foremost priority is undisputed, unless you are a islamic fundamentalist. All moderate muslims appreciate the need to control population.

So what are the available solutions,
1) Spreading awareness and education...There are issues in this. First it is slow and secondly it is not garunteed to work. Many literate people too have 3-4 children.
2) Sex education -> I think it has an even slower impact. At best it tells you avoid diseases.

There have been some improvement, but Things have not improved drastically in last two decades.

However the above approaches have fundamental flaw in seriosuly altering the demography of India., so much so that the rate of growth of poor, illiterates and unedcuated becomes much higher than those who are educated and contribute effectively. This people who are unproductive grow more in numbers that people who are productive and the country overall becomes more backward with time.

So What is the solution. Whatever may be the solution, it must be such that it caters to uniform control of population growth across all sections of society, whether these sections are defined by castes, economic prosperity, religion of whatever else you may choose. We have to use a force/insentive/disincentive in such a way which applies uniformly across all sections. In fact not only that, it should allow propsperous poeple to have a higher growth rate.

Now let us come to available alternatives with us. We know that there is something that most of people(rich/poor, this caste/religion, that caste religion) know for sure is the power they think they have. Yes it is rigth to vote

What we should do is to ensure that right to vote(or the lack of it) not
only acts as a deterrent/discouragement for producing offsprings, but also esnures that it can be applied uniformly across all sections of society.

What i thus propose is that we should, starting from a particular day onwards in future, say 01 Jan, 2013, GOvt would stop issuing any new voter cards. What instead we should do is to say that people can only inherit voting rights from their ancestors, who have expired or who willingly without any external pressure want to give up their vote to a particular person. In addition we may introduce clauses like, if a peron has paid xxxxxx amount of tax in his life, he is eligible for getting voting rights in case already does not have one.
1) This will discourage people from prodcuing more babies without affecting the any demographic equation of society.
2) It will additionally ensure that a tax paying citizen will get an added chance to participate in voting process, thus tilting voter demographic towards more honest and more productive citizens.
3) At this point of time in history, when no more than 60% people vote, this will be readily accepted by society. Any measures like forced birth control have only been resisted by people.

4) Also no current voters will be affected. Only new young voters will be affected and that too in case a household has two chidlren, both of them will inherit voting rights from their grand parents.

5) The problem of infiltrators from foreign countries earning voting rights in India would be nipped in the bud. Numbers of voters would more or less freeze in time, unless obviously new honest tax paying, productive citizens come forward.

6) The problem of updating and mathcing electoral list in each election would be greatly simplified.


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