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Let us all be aware and awake!!

This is extract (dated 26th SEP 2010) from my BLOG... Do Your Dreams Young Indians, come forward... India's respect is .....

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: Aug 2011
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Let us all be aware and awake!!

This is extract (dated 26th SEP 2010) from my BLOG... Do Your Dreams

Young Indians, come forward... India's respect is in your hands!!

When I was young I was made to learn two very important lessons by my parents and they told me the following saying and a story to remember...

(1) Saying goes like this -

When Wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
When Health is lost, something is lost;
When Respect is lost, everything is lost!!

Now tell me what have we lost?
Don't jump and react... Wait till you hear the other story...

(2) Story is like this...

Once there was an Indian personality visited Japan and he was waiting inside the railway station for the train and he was finding it very difficult to make out which train he should board as everything was written in Japanese and he could not communicate with the fellow travelers. One Japanese person came forward to help him. While departing, he requested him to not to share this incident with anyone back home (in India) as that would create a very bad impression about Japan.

Now this is very simple story. These are not something unique or uncommon. Everyone of us must have heard these, but unfortunately the media's unauthorized power and unsolicited approach has created a bigger than reality shadow of India who is trying, like a young kid, to come up on the world stage to perform!

Now tell me if this issue of corruption new in India? It is there for last 200 or more years... It's seeds were sown long back by Britishers only!! They wanted to get the pie of Indian flavor and thats why they corrupt our kings and found their way into this magnificent country!! Today also we are letting same things happen... Whether it is MNC companies, foreign vested interests, our corrupted leaders, our rotten media, and in fact our 1 billion unaware junta... we all are culprits... we let things go easily as long as it is outside the boundaries of our immediate purview or interest! We forget that thats what Britishers have created when they wanted to enter strong and powerful India. And today we are divided...

India is very straight forward nation still. Indians are also very straightforward. Our corruption is nothing in front of the rest of the world! Our double standard is nothing in front of diplomacy shown by any other country of the world!!

But the fact remains to find out that those are propagating to much negative are on whose side? Are they having any vested interest (direct or indirect, immediate or future)? be it media, be it corporate leaders, be it our politicians... every one is in race to grab the pie of India flavor and every one is wanting to have the max (not only for present, but for future too... and there is no limit... every 'zero' added gives them the kick... 1000,000,000,000,000 and still counting...

We as a nation have forgotten the basics of living... we do not know ways of living but we celebrate art of living... We do not have "roti, kapra, makan" for the 80% of our people but we have 'nano, mobile" for 100% of our junta... we do not come forward to work or take up things on own, but always give 'baashan' and lecture to blame other who came forward to atleast do the thing, which otherwise nobody would have done...

In the end, I would like to say just one thing more, which is again not very uncommon - It is very easy to blame others and very very tough to come on stage and take charge... but the young generation of Indians is not like us... they know the solution and also know how to take on things! All the best young India and i know we will see you one day on the world stage, performing and rest of the world will be the spectator!

Time is NOW and ANNA has given us a chance to come out of our shells... Lets not waste the opportunity... Let us redesign the INDIA of our dreams.

Let us all be aware and awake!!
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: Aug 2011
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Well we need to be aware and awake. But just being aware and awake is not enough. we need to let the corrupt know that we are aware and show our solidarity with Anna
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