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Awkward people of india

Today Annaji struggling against corruption, he is suffering illness but we all Indian enjoying it by seeing all behind the .....

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Cool Awkward people of india

Today Annaji struggling against corruption, he is suffering illness but we all Indian enjoying it by seeing all behind the dark. It is normal character of Indian people that whenever to take the fruit of good result than come fast and when to take part for struggling than always be kept behind. It is sorrowfully to express that it may be truth that this struggle be alive upto alive of Annaji. Why it is ? why ? because we awake ourself only for a minute and thereafter we got sleep down. We all busy for profit of one rupee but does not understand to whom it be accommodated. If we cant able to save our initial step for upwards for a successful pillar that what is the means to build it in the sky. If it is not than there might not a Anna but all the Indian be as like as Anna, no one wait for anything to struggle against corruption. I can tell it that during the pre-independence of India if you ie such types of people like you will there than India can not be able to get independent. It means we all coward and fear to to face any challenges against corruption. One day we all have to face the questions from future generation that what have you done ? But it is the time to assess ourself because today our nation want us to save her, don't left behind, come forward and save it. I did not blame all people, many people accompanied with Annaji, but it is not enough. It is not the time to fight with ourself by throughing mud. The main things is to strength our nation first and thereafter all. We all should be come out to road and stand hand to hand without seeing the religion, cast, and status.
All the politician criticise Annaji, Kiren Bedi, by pointing any matters now. But the question arise it that why they criticise them now ? why not earlier. Today politician think that they are the contractor of our nation of five year and doing anything as per their wishes without any supervision. They take the contract by investing huge amount of money. It is the normal dialogue of a leader that if they have not proceed than 'KHARID LO SABKO'
Now answer me who is the responsible for it. For election no alternative we get to elect anyone. Who will come ? All express that, I hat politics. If you have not like it that no matter but on the time to great response of the nation all brilliant people to be come out to save it. We have responsible ourself to save our own nation and it is the duty also.

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