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Wecome decission to form Political Party but

I welcome to Annaji and Team for the decission to form a political party. it is a very much a .....

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: Aug 2012
: Pune
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Wecome decission to form Political Party but

I welcome to Annaji and Team for the decission to form a political party.
it is a very much a bold decission , I think we don't have any other option to fight against corruption and save our country.
It is not easy to form a political party and fight against the politicians who have money power,muscle power and have criminal back grounds.

But in spite of all odds i am confident that we can win this battle against corruption to save India.I appeal to all come forward to participate in this revolution.

I like to appeal to Team Anna to Choose the people to Lead the movement who are very much respectable, have high integrity ,have will power to serve nation without any personal ambitions,and already proved their skills through various activities on their respective areas of services to the nation.

Wish you all the Best

Krushna Mohanty
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: Aug 2012
: Varanasi
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Put your efforts with and welcome the change

I am surprised to see the reaction against the team anna’s decision on entering in to politics. I saw CTV channels, newspapers all of them trying to impose their anti views like:
1. Entering in to politics is an end to the Movement.
2. Team Anna had political ambitions
3. Annagiri changes in to Netagiri
4. Anna team in political Vortex
But I shall thank them for the support they given to the movement last year. This time team anna has made some mistakes that have given their opposition some points to raise fingers at.
I also found some eminent people like Medha Patkar, Kuldeep Naiyar etc raising doubts on the decision and political people welcoming it in a way as if team anna needs their go ahead. Their face and reaction show their state of mind. I also saw Arnab on times now saying Team Anna is Impatient & immature, I was shocked to find if what makes him so impatient to decide when it still is premature to talk about it in detail. Actually media supported the cause last year but politically they are with Madam this year.
I have following points in favor of the Team Anna’s decision to enter in to politics:-
1. Why Not? Just because we fear it will fail.
2. It will provide a political alternative with a party with clear manifesto of anti corruption.
3. If good people make an organization it helps society at large from the day one. Organization itself will be a support to masses.
4. Good people of this country especially Youth is awaiting to enter the politics, they will turn in large number to support the party. Also everyone should be given participation in the movement. Just becoming a part of crowd doesn’t satisfy Indian intellect, they will have an opportunity to start something meaningful for a longer duration.
5. We will not get different people for different causes we need to develop a team that takes care of the nation in different needs and circumstances, we need people to dedicate their lives and develop a platform where we have hope of being secured against ill will of enemies within and out of the state.
6. Today we have politicians and no statesman. We have reached to a lowest standard of morality. I am working in an organization have comparatively a small responsibility even than I am not supposed to work for other causes because If I do so I will divide my time between the different works and my priorities will take place according to my own interest and against the interest of my organization. In contrast to this for most of the politicians, politics is a part time affair and it something to strengthen their first purpose/ objective. Thus politics has become a business devoid of ethics and we are helpless pawns of the capitalist system.
7. Have not we seen the arrogance in eyes of politicians challenging team anna and people of India to fight at their homeground. Believe me it’s easier done than said, if gundas, rapists, decoits and rahul baba can take care of india than anyone can do it. We no more should not surrender to the circumstances and make most of any good opportunity small or big.
8. We need full timers not part timers; we need sewaks and not mantris; we need efforts in direction of national development and not in direction of saving party and people; we need statesman not plain politicians; we need courage not cowardice; we need faith, not disbelief; we need change, not the status quo.
There is much in my and everyone’s heart to express and we will have opportunity to do so. This is the time that we end the skepticism and pave the way for team anna to march ahead. Don’t doubt that their failure because most of us are not even trying at present.
Suggestion for Team Anna:-
1. Focus on Your agenda and don’t target unnecessarily on Congress
2. Strengthen the organization and start social work through it so that it develops a mass support equally across the nation.
3. Stay away from cast/ religion in short and long run because enemies are masters of it.
4. Never ever move away from single point agenda of corruption.
5. Do not care for results; strengthen organization and its voice.
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