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Road Blocks in political options

Congratulations to all, on a right decision. I was never convinced with the idea of hunger strike and dharna, which .....

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: Aug 2012
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Lightbulb Road Blocks in political options

Congratulations to all, on a right decision. I was never convinced with the idea of hunger strike and dharna, which may generate an immediate response but not long time solutions. However I have spent last few years of my life, exploring the options of getting a political party (or a reliable political people) in the game. Now when IAC has decided to take it’s resistance to another level, I feel I should point out , what I feel , may be major road blocks for this activity. Below I am putting road blocks & suggestions for forming a reliable party

Road block
· Money – you can not participate in polls without having a strong financial support.
o How will we get these funds? – public finding (may be)
o Votes are sold for cash, favour etc. – and believe me one can’t change this overnight. We need to understand that if I don’t have food for my family and you are giving me money which may buy food for my son, or medicine for my mother I will sell my vote. Why do you think none of the government has worked to remove poverty. Poverty is the biggest tool for poll conversion. Only way to tackle this is to come up with better response. These may be
§ Job options- prepare job options / service options on very basic levels for poor people. Tell them in what time period you will apply it. We need to work on very very basic level to counter money offered by corrupt politicians. A detailed plan on what, how , when , where these options will come, can help us generate some faith in people for us. Also we need to involve people on basic level to communicate this to everyone. Personal level communication will ensure.
· Better reliability
· Faith
· Face to face handling of issues.

o Various expenses can be bourn by various service providers. Like tent expenses by some tent company who pay his services as contribution. In return we all (member of the organization) will use his services for our private purpose, providing him better market.
· Hooliganism – please don’t think it will be a fair game. we shall be prepared to face Hooliganism at every level. Using force (by us) will be manipulated by police (on behalf of their bosses) to get us nailed. A better way can be (NOT SURE SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME) to make a channel of communication at various levels. Camera should be our weapon against gun and we should take down these things legally. Again it’s not a quick solution by will generate results on longer run.
· Legal / moral hooliganism – be prepared to be defamed, and forced in various legal battles. Media likes sensation and nothing spreads better then a bad news. So a false charge against any of our candidate will immediately in focus and any good work will be lost. Options are
o Be extra prepared to avoid such incidents
o Have a legal / media team in place to handle it
o On any cost don’t avoid it. Say what’s right and say it immediately. If we do something wrong (which we will – u can’t avoid mistakes) come up in front , explain truthfully , say sorry , take action (IMMIDIATELY)
· Who should be our candidate (hindu, muslim , sc , bc, upper class, lower class, farmer , service class, male ,female). We will find people getting devided by these. And believe me it’s impossible to satisfy people on these levels. WE should stand undivided –
o No mention of cast – anywhere by any one
§ Our religion – humanity
§ Our cast – Indian
o We should force (and if need be put legal applications in Supreme Court) that such questions divide people so be avoided.
o Inevitably we will be asked to respond our stand on reservation (which if not taken care properly can be disastrous.
§ A proper response should be at place. My opinion is that one should not give handicap wheel chairs, but offer him sticks, so that he works hard and leans to stand on his feet some day. Offering wheel chair ensures that he will never stand on his feet.
§ After open debates (online offline) an opinion can be formed on this issue and that remain our firm response (and please no personal views here)
_________ Will be coming up with more, suggestions are needed to make it a useful exercise______
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