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Official Declaration of Political Intent by Team Anna

Dear Sir, I welcome the decision to form a political Party and give this nation the much required alternative. My .....


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: Nov 2011
: Mulund, Mumbai
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Dear Sir,
I welcome the decision to form a political Party and give this nation the much required alternative.
My only request is none of the core Team Anna members should join this party and fight elections.
They should be the creators and the promoters of this party.
They can be core committee members of the body governing this this party but should
not fight elections themselves or become ministers later on.
I say this because the Image of the Core members as clean civil society members is very high
and they have to maintain this.
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: Apr 2011
: gwalior
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Gentle men ! "Anna team is known as "IAC". I think its a good name for a political party too."
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: Aug 2012
: Faizabad
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Entering politics


First of all thank you for bringing 'jagrukta' in Indians and making people rise up and want some change to come.

Everyone is surprised by the turn of events which led to announcement of party. This was bound to happen as many believed (like Anna) that being yet another political outfit will not bring the change.

Let me begin with what I believe went Wrong -

1) the way in 'ended' up - it feels like political party was always in your mind as only alternative, you say everything is and will be transparent, is it ?your team did not even hint it to the people sitting with you for last 10 days !!*

* - you proved you are not transparent*
* - you showed you were never ready to die
* - you proved you have plans which have contradictions within your core followers
* - you proved you don't even listen to your own people,*
* - you already have a high command which can decide unilaterally
* - you have easily given a point to congress to brag about - they will misuse it

2) If you can't take opinion or keep your handful of supporters informed at Anshan then how do you claim to build a party who listens to all?

3) You have been badly undone by cunning politicians (specially govt) and you are either too arrogant or too naive to understand that
* - when the last Anshan was called off due to Health reasons it was clear indication to Govt that nobody was there to die and it can simply sit and wait for you to wrap up and go! You did exactly the same. *I am not saying you should have died for but looks like either you made a fool of your self OR this was the plan to launch political party. I don't believe it was a good plan.
4) Anna is revered no one else, you missed this simple fact !!*

5) You started talking nonsense when people stopped listening to you !! . That is not a quality of good politician

What I think you should do now -*

1) Donot ridicule anyone - be an elephant not dog.*
Ridiculing anyone will anger their supporters and make intelligent people be uncertain about your motives.
Example - N Modi has a massive fan base around the world - irrespective of what you think his role was in 2002 you can't call him names since so many think he has done so good to Gujarat and is the best person to lead the country. Even when many don't live in Gujarat and don't vote for him, they don't want to hear nonsense for him. They will not vote for a party which spits out nonsense for him.
Ramdev - you seems to be already playing community card by showing love hate relationship with him. You must understand that he has changed lives of millions and all those people will not like to hear nonsense about him

So better be an Elephant rather than being a dog. You can learn this from N Modi.

2) party name etc is irrelevant that should not be your first question to the public
Face of the party is relevant and role of each of that face is relevant.*
What is the face of your party ? Anna, who else? Face of the party must have massive followership

So Anna cannot sit outside the party and also claim that their is no high command - convince him to lead from front and project him prime minister for 2014. History of Indian politics suggest a major event and the rise of a face with polarised the vote behind him*

You have created a major event and people are looking at you
You have a major face (Anna) and people all over the country will vote for him
But it will not be easy as no one other than Anna in your team has big followership of his own or can make people sit up and take notice (sooner you accept this hard fact, better)

Pick up the list of eminent and known people of the country, coerce them, force them and if needed. do dharna in front of their house and ask them to stand up to the occasion and fight election. With Anna being the face and others being projected as prominent ministers you will win hands down.
Here is an starting list -

1) * Anna Hazare : Prime Minister
2) APJ Abdul Kalam : Technology and Science minister
3) Narayan Murthy : Foreign Policies
4) Ratan Tata : Steel and heavy industries
5) Justice Santosh Hegde : Law Minister
6) Gen V K Singh : Defence Minister
7) Dr Devi Shetty : Health Minister
8) Kiran Bedi : Home Minister

You need such a strong list at the top that people will just vote to see them in centre. You manifesto must be simple*
- have 'best of the best people in India' commanding the top chair
- corruption free top management - you will not need to prove the authenticity of these people
- Villages uplift and implementation of model village throughout India
- roti kapda and Makan for everyone as basic right

No one reads manifestos they should be written all over the 'face' of your party members.*
You should not need to explain how good you nominee is, his background, fame and authenticity should read itself - yes it is tough to get 555 such names but even if you get top 50 such names all other candidates will win because people would want to see top 50 in office.*

Getting top 50 or 100 is difficult but you have made people look up to you, so you can make people look up to them and coerce them to come forward.

Next 2 years should be just to get top 100 names which anyone would vouch for. And you don't need them to join any party ! They can continue to be independent but fight to be in parliament.
So they will not need to worry about party politics and also be available to form the govt.

So justice santosh Hegde differ with your idea of party, but he must not differ with your idea of leading the Law minister chair - whether he is in your party or not

3) Beat politics with open politics : there is no other way to make a hole, after that you can change the entire system
* - Support anything done good by anyone and try to find good in each and every party
* - So when you are asked do you support so and so - say no comments on anyone
* - do you condemn such and such - say no comments on any party involved
* - what is your stand on such and such issue - give the stand but stay clear off talking any party
* - don't give any importance to any party
* - talk only on issues and not on person

4) Get followership from university and college students - engineering, iit and medical students are handfuls and most of them do not even vote - reach out to remaining colleges from where the students enter into politics. Create a base worker force from there and have them rally behind your leaders

I hope this is read by someone and I do get an acknowledgment that it taken as an input for your journey ahead. All the very best for the great cause you have taken up
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: May 2012
: west u.p.
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It is a very good decission to give a good political party for the country.Our country is in this condition due to the absence of a party of honest and good peoples.Honest people do not want to come in politics.Some politicians are also honourable in public for their honesty like lal bahadur shastri,atal bihari etc.We cannot change system from outside,we have to go inside to change this system to save country from these corrupt leaders and for the welfare of people of country.These congressman have removed all great people of country like subash chandra bose,lal bahadur shastri etc. by politics.They have been ruling country since independence on the basis of sympathy of people towards Gandhiji and using the surname of Gandhiji.Because no other freedom fighter family member made party and jlines politics.People do not have any option and has been giving votes to them .
So it is a very good decission to give a good party to country.Bhagat singh,subash chandra bose did not sacrificed their life to give country in hands of these corrupt people
.We are with you everytime when you need.
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: Aug 2012
: Pune
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Thumbs up Official Declaration of Political Intent by Team Anna

Congratulations Team Anna and citizens of this country!

I've some suggestions,

1. People joined this agitation for a cause. Please respect the very cause.

2. As it's said, With power comes great responsibility. I'll add, Also comes Greed and many of it's brothers and sisters.

3. Respect Media. They have the power to lift you or drawn you.

4. It's not absolutely necessary to comment on everything now. Let it flourish first and reach a stage where a single statement counts. People in power are really smart.

5. You have to be very careful before taking a decision. Things should not repeat as happened before. Core team should always discuss first. Now, no individual statement counts.

6. Remember, Divide and Rule always works. There are elements in this society who don't want this become successful.

7. There are good people who are genuinely interested in joining the party and there are others.

8. You should be accountable. Well, this is where we started.

9. Last but not least, Remember we are talking about a population of more than 1,200,000,000 (120 crore) and how much ground work needs to be done. It's definitely not a easy task. But success come to them who believe in themselves.

All the very best..
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: Aug 2012
: Ambernath, Thane
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Official declaration of New Political Party

I congretulate team Anna for their decision to enter into politics. India need a clean Politician who can look beyond the cast/ Region/ family.
What I feel before going to public Party has it's democratic rules and regulation and detailed way of functioning. you can check this with other part of the world and bring best of it and to suit the India.
My concern once any one become politician his whole family comes in politics and they rule like a king.
In your party please take this care.
other thing I would like to mention that no one should remain any post for more than two terms. This will always bring young and new blood into the system and party.
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: Aug 2012
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Team anna... God bless u & may he save you from the evil of the dirty politics that is sure to be played against you. We shall pray and do our best to help you achieve your / our wish to have a corruption free india.
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: Aug 2012
: Lucknow, U.P.
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Suggestion of an Important agenda

Dear Fellow Members and Respected Elders

I would like to bring to your notice a prevalent black hole in our glorious country that has already tarnished our helpful & tolerant image internationally. The fault being an evil that lives in every corner of of our country it is called DESTITUTION. [b]Millions of CHILDREN Orphaned and abandoned are being EXPLOITED ALL ACROSS OUR COUNTRY a good governance would stop this IMMEDIATELY I propose a bill should be passed stating that all children without legal guardians are taken in care of the central defense system and given all rights and privileges that is a right of every Indian. Child labor should be abolished totally with force and MANDATORY EDUCATION should be a law for every and all persons and SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS BE ALLOTTED TO EVERY MINOR TILL THE AGE OF ADULTHOOD.

Putting matters to your esteemed perusal

Vande Mataram !!!!
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: Aug 2011
: Bangalore
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To all the members,
I think Anna team should enter the political arena by contesting 2014 parliament elections. For the past two years we have see that al political parties are only doing lip service rather to promote their political agenda rather to bring a strong, effective lokpal bill to at least minimize the corruption. Every political party is trying to stall in bringing of the bill in parliament and pass it. So even after 100 yrs all political parties will be only talking of bringing a strong lokpal bill but in realty none of them want it as they very well know that Dark sheep are their in their party.

Hence the only way is to enter the parliament by Anna team amd try to bring up the lokpal bill. I know it is not easy. Here also all political party will try every trick to bring a good legislation. But we have to start it. It is better to make attempt to bring efficient and honest people to the parliament to do some good job rathe tha to see murderers, goondas entering the parliment.
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: Apr 2011
: KORBA(Chattisgarh)
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We should get some small metalic collar stickers printed 'Main amm Nagrik hun' and party's name say 'BHRUSTACHAR MUKTI DAL' and party's logo as alternative to 'Topi'(Cap), so that our strength is visible in public. These stickers should be available through our local organisations on reasonable charge basis for members and suppoters of this party..
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