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Indian Democracy

I feel, in simple terms, In India people have an illusion of democracy and we need to come out of .....

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: Aug 2012
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Indian Democracy

I feel, in simple terms, In India people have an illusion of democracy and we need to come out of this Illusion either to embrace Democracy in its full spirit or go for an autocratic setup similar to that of China.
If you go into very finer details of Indian democracy, we face party politics.. which is pretty much trying its best to show it is democratic but in practice it is pretty much autocratic.
Sonia/Rahul, Mamata, Jayalalitha, Advani, Yeddi, Mulayam singh yadav, Biju patnaik (and many others) who controlling their respective parties and programs. Therefore our illusion is people elect MPs/MLAs and they make laws and govern our country.. in actual fact, the loyalty of these elected representative is more towards their high command than that of their elected people. This leads to laws and governance based on what high command wants rather than what people want. Within the current system, even if they want to serve people, they simply cannot ignore their autocratic leaders at all otherwise they will not get a ticket to the next election!!
Democracy is a system, it’s not about the leaders (at least not like what we have now) .. We the people are obsessed with the leaders such as Sonia, Advani, Mamata and thinking that they will sort out our problem; however in the process they are the biggest hurdles of democracy. Their power should be no more than a single vote but we given them so much importance that they are virtually autocratic and our democracy/government has become for the high command and by the high command.
It may sound strange but if you take these autocratic leaders out of the equation and let the MPs/MLAs make laws and governance then we should be able to see the true spirit of democracy.
Team Anna should be able to bring this true spirit of Democracy where government and governance are people centric not high command centric.
To get to this level democracy, Anna’s party need to recruit grass root members from every village and very town/city. 1 to 4 week practical training should be given on subject like public speaking, how to identify local issues, how to be in touch with voters, how to ask a vote, how to expose people from dividing a society/community, how Anna’s party internal democracy works, how to govern, law etc. 10 such training centres in each state will bring about 100,000 trained members in each state within a year. If you employ democracy at every level then governance becomes very easy. There is no question of high command to obey..loyalty is always on the people and members. This way true spirit of democracy can be achieved.
Best wishes to Team Anna.

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