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Entering politics opinion

I have the greatest regard for Anna Hazare ji but i am shocked to know that he is not supporting .....

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: Sep 2012
: Jalandhar
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I have the greatest regard for Anna Hazare ji but i am shocked to know that he is not supporting Kejriwal for the formation of a political party. I fail to understand as to how the Lok pall bill can be passed if as Anna Hazare says by supporting good people from the existing parties.Howsoever honest a person may be if belongs to any of the parties as on date he shall have to obey his high command & shall compulsorily have to indulge in corruption. He can never support the Lok Pal Bill because he would be a slave of the High command. The Lok Pal Bill can be passed only by parliament & if Anna Hazare thinks he can get it done from the BJP or any other existing party then he is sadly mistaken.Even if a million people sacrifice their lives dont expect the lok pal from the present setup because our politicians are used to murders & would not be moved by such things.They are heartless & their faces are blackened with corruption. If a political party of honest people wins the election only then we can take the first step to the passage of a lokpal.I appeal to Anna hazare,kiran bedi & General Vk singh to kindly support Kejriwal from the forefront by leading the new party of honest people.All of them should be canditates for election.The tragedy of this country is that such honest people shy away from their responsibility & by doing so you would be opposing Mr Kejriwal an honest man & would be supporting the corrupt parties who will certainly deceive you forward my message to Anna ji & others to reconsider.
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: Sep 2012
: Bathinda
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Hi All True Indians,
Anna ji Supposed himself Gandhi of today.No responsibility & Netagiri to full tune.
Kejriwal would also be trapped with the Big Sharks of Congress & BJP.
He & his party would not get Majority in Parliament & His Voice would also be Pressed.
So he would also not be able to amend the constitution for JAN LOKPAL.
God kindly help Annaji & Kejriwal to protect them from the Clutches of Big Sharks.
Sk Gupta
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