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Stuti thanks Anna...

It makes me proud to be a part of it , I am currently studing in London and people here .....

: Oct 2008
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Stuti thanks Anna...

It makes me proud to be a part of it , I am currently studing in London and people here have just the wrong image of India ! Its because of how corruption breeds in our country, political parties just want poor citizens money to fill their own pockets!! My father wanted to bring in a change too ! He stood for mp elections from a place in uttar pradesh, because the local people loved him for his good character and sincerity , he got the ticket , this was his first election ever and guess what !! Obviously because he was not giving bribe to village heads, group heads , citizens accross , he did loose it !! And what he lost was the chance to clean the shit out of the shit hole , but becuase curroption is so high in every level and step of the system , that people are now used to it , the leading people in that election were the people who had police cases running on them ! Who had murder cases on them !!! These are our politians !! They will save us ??? Not any more I guess , my life is indebted to anna and his step forward, I would love to work for this movement and be an important part of it in every way that I can !

Thankyou Anna!! Anna sahib always protects his people , guess that's why you are our ANna,high regards to kiran bedi and ramdev ji asweel , now may be truly united we stand !

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: Apr 2011
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I appriciate your love towards INDIA but u know what a true person like your father always face defeat in election in INDIA.But we cant leave our hope to die before bad politician.We have to oppose it, we have to stand before it to bought INDIA on right path.Thanks for your support to our INDIA.But we needs more support from u. For any comment email on


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