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If Japan can, why India can’t?

In 1945, two atom bombs were dropped in Japan and were devastated. All the large cities, the industries and the .....

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: Apr 2011
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Post If Japan can, why India can’t?

In 1945, two atom bombs were dropped in Japan and were devastated. All the large cities, the industries and the transportation networks were severely damaged. A severe shortage of food continued for several years.Cities and factories were heaps of rubble, twisted metal and burnt wood; the economy was almost totally paralyzed from wartime destruction, rampant black marketing and runaway inflation; people drew water from communal faucets and used holes instead of toilets. Few Japanese had any money but there was hardly anything to buy.

One can say, after World War II, Japan actually started from scrap. The Japanese pulled themselves up by their bootstraps after World War II and transformed their nation into a strong democracy and an economic dynamo. Moreover, Japan also suffer most of the volcanic eruption, earthquakes and as well as tsunamis.

In 1947, Japan adopted revised constitution which is quite rigid. In spite of various difficulties and various problems, people of Japan faced its challenges, stood united and worked hard for prosperity. Japanese accomplished things no one thought was possible, giving the Japanese a collective sense of achievement and great hopes for the future. Today whole universe knows where does Japan stands – One of the most developed and powerful country.

If Japan can bring a change, why can’t we? Even we can bring changes in our country. We can be one of the developed countries where everyone can prosper. The only thing what we need is unity amongst us, and a strong constituency without any loop hole. Moreover, if we can get Independence from British who were ruling for more than 200 years, we will get independence from the corruption also, which is only ruling for 60 years.

Today, I think, "Why our parents didn’t take firm steps against corruption?" If they had taken firm steps against this monster, we would have been in a better place where every person would have enjoyed the basic needs and would have better opportunities for growth. Anyway, time which has gone is not going to come back, it’s never late, we need to raise our voice against the corruption or else prepare for answering the same question “Why our parents didn’t take firm steps against corruption?”

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: Aug 2011
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yes thats right.
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What Does the Word “Corruption “ Mean…do It Came in A Day Year Month but it Prevails for Centuries due to 3 WORD OWN-SELF + SELFISH Act and LURK and would prevails the World till those Silent and allow them to Spread as like WEB are not Shaken from there INNER……as like Example Our LAND Our Country We Allowed Mughal…Shivaji Fought Along and after then Mughal Started Saying they are What not born in INDIA but Now there Generation Born so it’s their country and same Way British Came..They Did……WHY AS POWER + WHY as Known’s How to tackle the Society as full of Own self + Selfish + Tracery and ready to Struck at Back Just For Power...Money without Humanity…Vice versa….and it just Stared just to PLEASE and DO OWN WORK and make the taker Greedy and a Chain System…..Not ONLY in GOVERNMENT dept but same PRIVATE other way Corruption = here OIL and Please = WHY
So to Remove CORRUPTION if a 1 is LEFT then RESULT 0 Remember JHANSI RANI Lost His Fort only Due to 1 Men Treachery RAU DAULAJO and Same in the Battle Lost Due to Twisted Mind and Diversification to Distraction of Happenings in the BATTLEFIELD.
AND NO BILL WILL SOLVE any PROBLEM UNLESS MODERN Equipment to Technology is Implement without MIDDLEMAN SHIP as these POLITICIAN AND RULING ADMIN TO POLICE KNOWS HOW TO TWIST ….and as See SLAVE GONE…RICH POWER DIFFERENCE in WORK Sector Gone….KING / QUEEN RULE GONE so now MINISTER RULE TOO NEED MODERNIZATION USING COMPUTERIZED COMPLAIN and ONLINE SOLUTION Data BANK all ONLINE ACCESS From LAND MAP to FLAT SELL to FLAT EACH MATERIAL PRODUCT PURCHASE as you might had not Notice Just for a Shelter 1 Turns Corrupt and these Promoter Earning in Lakhs from a Sell Were margin Should be Within 50 Thousand but are 5 – 25 Lakhs….WHY????
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hiiii joy , thanx anna ji ka sath dene ke liyeread this once“हम वतन के लऱए॒लिर कटाते रहे, ददद होता रहा छटपटाते रहे, आईने॒िे िदा चोट खाते रहे, वो वतन बेचकर मुस्कुराते रहे “280 ऱाख करोड़ का िवाऱ है... भारतीय गरीब है ऱेककन भारत देश कभी गरीब नहीॊ रहा"* ये कहना है स्स्वि बंक के डाइरेक्टर का. स्स्वि बंक के डाइरेक्टर ने यह भी कहा है कक भारत का ऱगभग280 ऱाख करोड़ रुपये उनके स्स्वि बंक मं जमा है. ये रकम इतनी है कक भारत का आने वाऱे30 िाऱं का बजट बबना टैक्ि के बनाया जा िकता है.या यूॉ कहं कक60 करोड़ रोजगार के अविर कदए जा िकते है. या यूॉ भी कह िकते है कक भारत के ककिी भी गाॉव िे कदल्ऱी तक4 ऱेन रोड बनाया जा िकता है. ऐिा भी कह िकते है कक 500 िे ज्यादा िामास्जक प्रोजेक्ट पूर्द ककये जा िकते है. ये रकम इतनी ज्यादा है कक अगर हर भारतीय को2000 रुपये हर महीने भी कदए जाये तो60 िाऱ तक ख़त्म ना हो. यानी भारत को ककिी वल्डद बंक िे ऱोन ऱेने कक कोई जरुरत नहीॊ है. जरा िोलचये... हमारे भ्रष्ट राजनेताओॊ और नोकरशाहं ने कैिे देश को ऱूटा है और ये ऱूट का लिऱलिऱा अभी तक 2011 तक जारी है. इि लिऱलिऱे को अब रोकना बहुत ज्यादा जरूरी हो गया है. अॊग्रेजो ने हमारे भारत पर करीब200 िाऱोतक राज करके करीब1 ऱाख करोड़ रुपये ऱूटा. मगर आजादी के केवऱ64 िाऱं मं हमारे भ्रस्टाचार ने280 ऱाख करोड़ ऱूटा है. एक तरफ200 िाऱ मं1 ऱाख करोड़ है और दूिरी तरफ केवऱ64 िाऱं मं280 ऱाख करोड़ है. यालन हर िाऱ ऱगभग4.37 ऱाख करोड़, या हर महीने करीब 36 हजार करोड़ भारतीय मुद्रा स्स्वि बंक मं इन भ्रष्ट ऱोगं द्वारा जमा करवाई गई है. भारत को ककिी वल्डद बंक के ऱोन की कोई दरकार नहीॊ है. िोचो की ककतना पैिा हमारे भ्रष्ट राजनेताओॊ और उच्च अलिकारीयं ने ब्ऱाक करके रखा हुआ है. हमे भ्रस्ट राजनेताओॊ और भ्रष्ट अलिकारीयं के स्खऱाफ जाने का पूर्द अलिकार है.हाऱ ही मं हुवे घोटाऱं का आप िभी को पता ही है- CWG घोटाऱा, जी स्पेक्ुम घोटाऱा , आदशद होउलिॊग घोटाऱा ... औरना जाने कौन कौन िे घोटाऱे अभी उजागर होने वाऱे है ........आप ऱोग जोक्ि फॉरवडद करते ही हो. इिे भी इतना फॉरवडद करो की पूरा भारत इिे पढ़े... और एक आन्दोऱन बन जायेSpread it like a Wild fire Our Nation needs us Please Contribute ...Atleast by forwarding this... This is not just a forward, it is the future of our Nation

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