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A few words from Suresh Vyas

I want to share below: Corruption. This is unethical or immoral. I hear that now the government employees have no .....

: Oct 2008
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A few words from Suresh Vyas

I want to share below:

Corruption. This is unethical or immoral. I hear that now the government employees have no shame at all in asking for bribe. They ask demand it as if it their birth right. Recently I talked with a diamond distributor about the problem. He, knowing well the bribe system, informed me that the system works when you pay the bribe. They pay because they want work done, and he said they take bribe because, the officers have paid large sums in bribe to get the position. One cannot get a position of a peon or an ordinary police officer without paying a large sum in bribe. They take bribe to recover what they paid. Also, the pay for many officers or servants is not enough to survive peacefully without more income. This is how he justified it. But I believe that by giving and taking bribe they kill their soul, and they take much more bribe than they paid. This extra huge amount is used mostly for wine, women, drugs, and gambling and adharma is spread. Thus, no one wants corruption. but it has become rooted way of life. No solution would work until most of the people become God conscious and start practicing dharma in daily life. Then some solutions could be as follows:
    • Let the government decide to increase pay of the low paid officers by 10% or so each year. In return, let the servants take 10% less bribe, and let the public pay some more tax if necessary to compensate for the extra cost to government.
    • Let the government servants understand that they are servants to the public and not the bosses or tyrants. So, O servants, provide your service as your God-given duty, even to those who cannot afford to pay the bribe. Understand that to take bribe is sin. So, help to eliminate corruption. If you love Bharat or the Vedic dharma and culture, you must do it. Else you are the enemy of the both, and ultimately you will suffer like in hell.
    • If the above does not work, then this may work. Some angels of God may organize an underground anti corruption militant organization supported secretly by those who want to eliminate corruption. Such an organization will get plenty of support even if the bribe givers give just 5% of the bribe they usually give to the organization. When an officer takes bribe, the organization will instantly or soon kill the officer or servant. They will record evidence of the bribe taken and put it on internet. When such incidences happen several times, no one would dare to take bribe for the fear of loss of their lives or the lives of their dear ones. This technique was used to spread jazz music in US. Any restaurant who was not playing jazz, the music of black people, was showered with bullets. After several incidents, many restaurants played jazz music. This is an extreme and violent solution, but corruption is sin and demoniac. Krishna and Dharma allows violence to stop adharma.


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