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Rout the corrupt -- Root out corruption

Friends, I have been looking for such a forum after Anna ji stood up all alone for this great and .....

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: May 2011
: Cochin, Kerala
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Post Rout the corrupt -- Root out corruption


I have been looking for such a forum after Anna ji stood up all alone for this great and noble cause, which will help our follow-up generations for whom we all are indebted to give them a clean world and greener (in all respects) places to live.

On seeing the determination of Anna ji over media coverage, I was reminded of the days of 1976(Post-emergency), when whole India was united by JP. That was also to root out an autocrat who was the mother of today's political corruption. But today's corruption is more deep-rooted and starts the moment we take a step out of our house every morning.

LOKPAL BILL will take care of corruption at high places. But as a responsible and law abiding citizens, as each one of we Indians are, it is our duty to cleanse the system at our day to day levels. Let us not be selfish in accomplishing a small task at any government office or elsewhere by tipping the concerned clerk, officer, or peon or any brokers. Let us question their delay, politely but firmly. I am pretty confident that we will see the effect very shortly. In other words, let us first cleanse ourselves, let us be true to ourselves that let my work suffer for a few days, but I will not pay any bribe at any level.

I appreciate the new rule, which I read in today's papers that IT deptt/ VIgilance deptt officials -- the raiding party -- are required to give the names, designations and telephone numbers of their higher ups to the owners of the premises where raid is being conducted.

Let us promise to ourselves for a straight forward NO to corruption.


Arvind Kumar
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: Mar 2011
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Very well said, Arvindji. Time has really come for us to strike hard at the very root of corruption and for that we must play our part by firmly saying no to all demands of easy or gratification money, come what may. Only this kind of determined attitude will help keep the corrupt at bay. With Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev already there to take care of the bigger issues, we should be able to create a new India where corruption is frowned at and the corrupt are really looked down upon. Lately, the corrupt have commanded far too much of respectability at the cost of the honest and common people of the country. This tolerance of the corrupt has created a new army of the vulgar rich and this in turn has created almost an unbridgeable gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'. The only way to narrow it down is to do what Baba Ramdev has prescribed and what Anna Hazare has embarked upon. But look at the latest reaction of the government. It would not want PM and MPs and senior level bureaucrats & judiciary to be brought within the ambit of the proposed lokpal. If they are excluded, who will remain--the common people who are already harried and harrassed? Its time we lent our whole-hearted support to these luminaries who have had the guts to take on the government by the corrupt, of the corrupt and for the corrupt.

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: Aug 2011
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What team Anna or Baba Ramdev is doing at higher level can also be done at local level. As a responsible citizen of this country, we should first refrain ourselves to be a part of this corrupt system. Be this side or another side. If we thwart the move of giving or receiving bribe at our level, we shall be doing our part of duty in this mass movement. This will surely help the move. Merely shouting slogans in the mob will not do anything.
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