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THERE ARE 13 international agencies that undertake this survey. India and China were at par with each other in the .....

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THERE ARE 13 international agencies that undertake this survey. India and China were at par with each other in the corruption index in 2007. In 2008, China’s position becomes 72, and India was at 82 rank. Pakistan was ranked 134 in the list.

All this is based on integrity score. This score is prepared by a mathematical calculation by a Switzerland-based professor on the basis of the findings of the surveys on governance.

Lower is the integrity score, lower is the level of corruption and vice versa. India’s position has gone down from 72 in 2007 to 85 in 2008. India’s integrity score had fallen from 3.5 in 2007 to 3.4 in 2008, indicating that corruption had marginally increased in the country. The major reasons of corruption in India are electoral and political systems.

Denmark had emerged as the top country with 9.3 integrity score, indicating that corruption level was the lowest there followed by New Zealand, Sweden, and Singapore. The 2009 Transparency International survey has ranked India 84th among the 180 countries assessed for integrity.

Pakistan, with a ranking of 139, is perceived to be more corrupt than India by global corruption watchdog Transparency International in its latest survey of 180 countries.

According to the findings of the independent organization, which tracks prevalence of corruption worldwide, Pakistan's integrity score stands at 2.4 on the scale of 0 (perceived as highly corrupt) to 10 (least corrupt).

China, which was ranked a joint 72nd with India in 2007, has improved its corruption perception. It is ranked 79th and its integrity score is 3.6.

The least corrupt country in the South Asian region is the fledgling democracy of Bhutan, which has scored a good 5.0 and is at 49th spot.

New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland continue to occupy the top five places as the least corrupt nations of the world, while at the bottom of the table come Somalia and Afghanistan.
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