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Shocked ? Don't be. I'll let you in to the secret. This is actually a story that my mom and .....

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: Aug 2011
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Shocked ?

Don't be. I'll let you in to the secret.

This is actually a story that my mom and my maternal uncles (Mamaji-s) often used to tell me. It exposes the extent to which corruption had infiltrated our minds, not today, but decades ago.

Parents somewhere in rural Bengal are looking for a prospective bride for their boy who is a government employee. They notify in the newspapers, and a prompt reply arrives. Off they go to rate the match.

A warm welcome and several pleasantries later, the nit-picking begins. The groom's progenitors first get to satisfy themselves. Then, it's the bride's turn. She, the perfect image of feminine reticence, doesn't even flinch a brow. Her mother picks up the baton, and without the least dithering, crows up -

"Upri Aasey Ni ?" ("Upari hai naa ?" - you have overhead income, don't you ?)

Without it, they wouldn't even consider marrying their daughter to him.

Think of it. This was about fifty years back.

That has led to where we are today, hasn't it ?

Still today -

(1) Parents of girls prefer grooms with Sarkari Naukris.

(2) Everyone wants to get into a government job.

(3) Some of the best students have only government jobs as their dreams. They wouldn't think of being independent professionals, industrialists or businessmen. They forget that government jobs are only administrative in nature, and create GDP only in name. It is industries and businesses that create Financial Well-being for a society.

(4) People will dole out unimaginable sums to get into government jobs, and then try to recover it by means fair or foul. The Result - CORRUPTION. As Kiran Bedi said - "Government has now become a Business; it is no longer a Service."

(5) Once in a government job, they become clock-watchers - "Oh, when will the day end today ?". This, when they might not have even moved a file.

(6) The work is often meagre, the pay is high, and only increases from year to year. Too much money for too little service, the result - INFLATION.

(7) Original thinkers seem invisible - people's sights pass straight through them - as if they don't even exist. How will you increase the nation's GDP and WELFARE without good ideas and implementors?

(8) The stress is on Degrees, not on Learning.

You're no good if you don't have a government job.

Think about it. And let me know if you can.

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