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Anna Hazare - Anti-Corruption Movement

Whatever happened to our country over the last 2 years is not hidden from the people of India. Corruption became .....


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: Aug 2011
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A Selfless soul - Nation's true son

Whatever happened to our country over the last 2 years is not hidden from the people of India. Corruption became an affair at will of the politicians and the massive loot was witnessed by our countrymen. Amidst all these, we could see one single man with a mission - "Annaji" as he is known today has emerged as the true son of the nation. What he is doing today is for each one of us and his sole objective is to see a better tomorrow for the next generation.

I am deeply pained when a senior politician like Somnath Chatterjee coming out heavily on Annaji by saying his moves to be undemocratic. I fail to understand why these same people do not have any objection at whatever was done with Ramdevji when the Delhi police attacked mercilessly. I woud like to ask the former speaker if this was democracy?

The ruling government did not leave any alternative before Annaji but to launch a peaceful agitation to protest against the rising corruption. Anybody with even a drop of true indian blood stands to support this great son of India.

I salute with great respect and bow before Annaji as for me he is God descended to earth to redeem us from the clutches of corruption that has plagued Mother India. Jai Hind
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: Aug 2011
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Anna Hazare has been receiving huge support from the citizens of the country, who have been gathering in the Ramlila maidan. People from various walks of life have been a part of this strong movement, which has been gaining momentum every day. Read More >> Anna Hazare


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