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***Bapu ya phir Shri Anna Hazare***

I have not a good knowledge on Bapu but when i am in school i read n learn one thing .....

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: Dec 2011
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***Bapu ya phir Shri Anna Hazare***

I have not a good knowledge on Bapu but when i am in school i read n learn one thing related to Bapu's point of view that 'Our ways to acheive a particular goal should be equally pure as is our goal itself'

Team anna teaches us to accuse politicians n officials of corruption while turning blind eyes to our own corrupt practices!

It is an irony in our country that all of us know what the problem is . .but none of us know the solution n when someone like Shri Anna hazare in this case suggest a solution we just ran towards that goal without thinking about the path we chose to reach that goal. .we forget that if we choose the wrong path to achive a good goal then at last when we achieve our goal . .we found that this is not that goal that we r think of at starting . .as far as Anna's goal is concerned i support him but i strongly don't like the path which we r taking to acheive that goal . .n finally all politicians r not corrupt . .i am sorry if anyone found anything offencive!!
To blame someone is the easiest thing n at this point perhaps u and me stands equal..
Our Government should not ..i again repeat should not allow to create a power group outside the constitution and constitutinal institutions... Team Anna tried and i must say is succeed to some extent in creating a external power group (we see different power groups in pakistan and we also know where is pakistan today as compare to India... certainly we don't like to be like pakistan stop supporting blindly team Anna... Politicians should not go to at the stage of team Anna because by doing so they indirectly gave recognition and support to a external power group imerging in India)

A question arise in my mind that whom we chose - Dictatorship with a good and honest leader like Shri Anna Hazare at the top Or Democracy with a corrupt politician as a leader(common perception created by our beloved media) ?
My answer is clear i chose Democracy... You gave ur answers

Lastly team Anna is trying to alter the weaknessess and problems in a democratic system in a DICTATIVE WAY..
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"Its your turn"

Gentle men ! "No Bapu, No Anna, Its your turn to react in your way."
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