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Thank You America!

By Prem Chandran Thank You America ... Thank You America to have voted into office an agent of change, a .....

: Oct 2012
: Adur, Kerala, India
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Smile Thank You America!

By Prem Chandran

Thank You America ... Thank You America to have voted into office an agent of change, a man of ideas, your very own Donald Trump, as your next President. Thank You America for proving democracy has more to do with policies and commitment than to "bitches" dancing in the streets and crowing, cooing, that they were groped ... in a season of shamelessness ... and they using the media to divert attention from the serious issues of the day. Donald Trump is the promise for the new world, and not just of America, for the reason that he speaks sense and that he has ideas to make a difference to the world that we live in; for the reason that he thinks out of the box and handles matters in refreshingly new ways. His speeches are worth a hearing. He’s the outsider who will now be the insider in Washington’s super power edifice, the way India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi struggled through his way and found his feet in capital Delhi!

Thank You America for showing the way to strengthen the fabric of democracy. And, thank you America for showing that money power cannot win true elections by true people who have true commitment to the true causes of democracy. The days of pretenders should now be a thing of the past. Thank You America for showing the door to Ms. Arrogance personified ... the Democratic candidate who, infamously and in a show of false imperiousness, didn’t show the decency to have a handshake with her rival on the debate forum; the woman, egged on by the media ratings, thought she was already the President! Thank you America to not having fallen into her trap of avoiding having focus on the failures of the Democrats and their administration, and her follies as well.

Thank You America ... Thank You America for defeating the scourge of dynasty politics. Thank you America for resisting attempts at subverting the principles of democracy. Thank you for opting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Thank You America for averting a situation in which a Hillary governance would have cemented the foundations of dynastic greed. Thank you to put a stop to Hillary’s scheme to bring in Michelle Obama into her proposed cabinet, an offer she held out by way of winning black support, that would have created a situation of America eventually having another presidential wife staking the claim for the next Presidency. Rackets help rackets thrive, worldwide. America is great and it has more to it than the greed of some dynasties that sprouted on the horizon in recent years. Jebb Bush has already been shown the door. Enough’s enough with the army of Bushes!

Thank You America for electing one who wants to “make America great”. America is the land of opportunities, as is famously said, a land where any aspiring individual around the world can walk in and make it his cherished home; it’s not Russia, not China, not the Middle East; and not India or Pakistan or Bangladesh, to brand people and keep people away. America is unique as it is home to men and women drawn from around the world, all of them coming and living as bona fide Americans with citizenship rights; citizenship rights for the asking, yes, over a period of time. It is this uniqueness that makes America the world leader; not simply its might. It holds the moral authority to be the world leader by virtue of the way it looks at the world around it.

Thank You America for saying Enough’s Enough ... and showing the Democrats the door ... for the way the Obama administration has vacillated on matters on terror and the like that’s playing with American lives, European lives, Indian lives and Bangladeshi lives, why, even Australian lives. Obama’s indecisiveness and soft approach to terror outfits, including the Iraqi, Syrian and Pakistani ones, has taken the world to the precipice of a disaster. His inaction in Iraq gave room for the ISIS to grow into a monster of all monsters, targeting the entire world, unleashing violence and seeking to spread its ideology of hatred and religious fundamentalism. Had it not been for Obama’s vacillation, Afghanistan wouldn’t have seen a further worsening of the situation. And, he maintained a studied silence on the terror networks operating from Pakistan and Afghanistan. The anger welling up in Americans against his administration spilled on to the voting machines, and it was then that the world knew what Americans thought of their administration in Washington.

Thank You America ... for proving what stuff the men and women that straddle the American media are made of. They had voted out Trump long ago; and but for his sense of perseverance, he would have quit the scene, walked out of the race, and handed a victory on a platter to Hillary. Thank You Americans to stand by someone who had the courage of his convictions and one who always showed the strength to call a spade a spade. He has a refreshing feel about him, be it in his talks, his shrugs, his swerves, the convulsions on his face, or the casualness of his demeanour. We will, sure, have more of those for the coming four years.

Thank You America ... for you to have seen through the media’s game ... of sidelining serious issues on the discussion/debate fora and allowing sillies like the “groping” brigade to come upfront, and thereby hijack the campaign agenda. It helped subvert the essential campaign themes, and get the people to judge candidates on the basis of their follies and foibles. Thank you America for electing a candidate who raised real issues of Americans and sought people’s support to “Make America Great Again.”

Thank You America for not listening to bullshit... like “Trump is Putin’s man”, or China’s stooge. And thank you America for selecting a President who can talk sense, think out of the box, and take matters to a head. Thank you America, for giving Trump a chance to govern the US and lead the world from the front. Thank You America for upholding the sacred tenets of democracy and refusing to be misguided by its enemies ... the Trojan Horses within and without! Above all, Thank You Trump for showing the determination to stand up for the causes you held dear, fight against odds and achieve a WONDERFUL, LANDMARK VICTORY!

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