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Shameful advocacy by du teachers

By PREM CHANDRAN IF INDIA'S VAUNTED education system has fallen on bad days in recent decades, that is there for .....

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IF INDIA'S VAUNTED education system has fallen on bad days in recent decades, that is there for all to see and feel sad about. It is best reflected in the fact that out of a listing of 500 top universities worldwide, just five Indian institutions found a place. So much for India?s greatness in an age in which inept and greedy politicians have, by their motivated and selfish acts, taken the nation?s once-respected institutions to the gutter level!

Clearly and unquestionably, we are far from the days of the Nalanda and Takshsila. We are in the abyss of incompetence. This is reflected in several matters on a day-to-day basis. Look at the way over 200 teachers of Delhi University came upfront to slam Prime Minister Modi over his recent critical remark about former PM Rajiv Gandhi at an election meeting. What irked them was the PM?s observation that his principal political foe Rahul Gandhi?s father was Bhrashtachari Number One ? the obvious reference being to the Bofors scam that ran headlines for over 30 years here.

The finding of these teachers is that Modi lowered the dignity of the office of the PM and that no PM had ever stooped to such a low by rubbishing a former PM like Rajiv Gandhi. Did Modi speak the truth or did he fabricate lies? What hurts the likes of DU teachers Association President Aditya Narayan MISHRA and his flock is not far to seek. Note also the fact that when, on the other hand, Rahul Gandhi went about showering Modi -- the Indian Prime Minister -- with worst abuses, these men and women who carried dignity in their arm-pits sat quiet and found nothing wrong about it. So much for their concern for and respect to the nation that feeds them!

It is well-known that a set of broods, most prominently self-styled leftist ?intellectuals?, are cultivated by the Congress establishment in Delhi for long decades to bark at its political rivals -- be they the RSS, the Jan Sangh, the Sangh Parivar or the BJP or others who love the nation first and foremost. It is also well-known that these men, like prostitutes, do this for a price. There are a whole lot of them who sucked up to the Congress and to the Nehru family which ran the affairs of the nation for much of the seven decades, and took whatever pittance that came their way. This is not to say one or all of these teachers belong to this segment of suckers. By virtue of their education, they are expected to be a better lot. At the same time, it is simply that, when teachers speak, we expect of them to speak sense. But, today?s teachers are a different kind, and we know how things shaped it up in another institution of higher education, the JNU, in New Delhi. It turned out to be a rat-hole for the Leftists ? a scarce species in India ? and of anti-national elements.

Universities have a sanctity about them. Teachers must, first and foremost, pursue truth, conduct themselves in a dignified manner, and care for the job they are given to do -- and this also because of the hefty salaries they take. Huge salary hikes effected by the UGC did not translate itself into a rise in India?s higher education standard. Bunches of idiots have a stranglehold over Indian universities and education system as a whole. Reason why China took an easy ride over India. With a huge rise in their salaries, they are into a season of slumber and politicking, neither taking care of the education that they are supposed to impart nor conducting themselves in a dignified manner. Proof, again, is in the way they jumped out of their mid-day sleep to bark at Prime Minister Modi.

India is losing its institutional strengths in every walk of life and in every field of human engagement. That Modi as PM did not do anything to set such things right is true. He took things easy when he got the opportunity to run India from the front. Vacillation was his way. The quality of politics and politicians in this country has seen a drastic fall ever since Indira Gandhi rubbished well-established systems and made a mess of public life. The blame was on Jawaharlal Nehru to have super-imposed his daughter on the Congress establishment at a time when he was Prime Minister and held eminent influence over the ruling party. From there, she built up strength, and laid the foundations of dynasty politics in a country that was supposedly run on democratic lines.

Today, every reprehensible character who is something in politics is, as a matter of first priority, working hard to bring his children upfront, to take over from them the leadership role ? and we call this a democracy! Nehru and Indira Gandhi had shown these crooks the way. Political families rose from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Mumbai to Bihar, bringing into being dynasties, thanks to the wretched political practices the Congress party has encouraged over time. What are these men ? of the second and third generations of political families ? up to? Most of them, not all, are simply into looting of public funds through whichever way possible. Some still maintain their dignity and, for this reason, find it difficult to survive.

The banking sector in India, which was among the best performing in the world, is today in a bad shape. No less than ten lakh crore of bad debts ? termed also as non-performing assets, NPAs?are threatening to bring the banking edifice down. This is the money we, the citizens as a whole, have lost to these crooks, mostly willful defaulters who have money to repay loans but would not. They take the legal route, fight cases through legal mechanisms and laugh their way out of difficult situations. The Modi government did not know how to get back the men who scooted from the scene and took refuge in countries that welcomed them with all the wealth they have looted and taken with them. Probably, we lost those money looted under the UPA periods with help from top politicians who ran government, and those who ran the finance ministry in particular.

Now, cornered, Chidambaram and his son have won a court order against their arrest until May 30 ? meaning till the end of the present Modi term ? in the remote hope that it could either be the Congress or some ready-to-do-any-mischief kind of regional satrap who would come to power thereafter and when manipulations would be easy. Chidambaram, after all, is an intelligent politician, though this is also his undoing.

This, sadly, is the state of the nation today. Many crooks have a special axe to grind against Modi because he is not their kind. Modi has no family to nurture and he?s not the one to allow loot of the public money. What is Rafale? It is simply that the under-hand commission raj of the Congress governments in defence contracts have been replaced with a formal commission agency system, in which a prominent Indian business group of Anil Ambani found a place -- and all hell was let loose. This time, after all, a family cannot have a finger in the pie.

But, does it behove of a Rahul Gandhi to call the Prime Minister of the country a Chor, and say so in public, by repeatedly shouting from roof-tops, that Chowkidar Chor Hai. Is this the way to go about lambasting an elected Prime Minister of the country? Who sees virtue and dignity in this? Who other than the MISHRAs? And, if in the process Rahul Gandhi got back in the same coin, who other than some misguided elements or suckers to the Nehru household would be here to take umbrage at it? If they felt sad about the fall in the quality of public discourse, the first time they should have taken exception was when the PM was called a Chor from public platforms.

Delhi University teachers through generations are a respected lot. It is for the Mishras to keep them up, rather than play with it. The teachers' commitment first and foremost is to their students and to education. Wasting their time on petty politics would also go to show the lack of interest they demonstrate in teaching as a profession. Good, if they quit the jobs and leave them for more competent hands around. Teachers are duty-bound to uphold the dignity of a long-reputed institution of learning and higher education. If they do not have enough of brain to do that, pity India?s education system!



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