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Ideal Education policy to make India Developed country

Development model of China or America is not suitable for India as India does not have abundant energy and other .....

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Post Ideal Education policy to make India Developed country

Development model of China or America is not suitable for India as India does not have abundant energy and other natural resources. India has only one resource in abundance that is HUMAN RESOURCE. If India does not use this abundance resource, all policies of development will fail. Target of our education system should be to provide quality technical education to every children of our country. If we properly educate our youth force, we can fulfill the whole world’s demand of doctors and engineers. Education is main tool for producing top grade Doctors and Engineers. As a head of family use its maximum resources on education of his children for improving the economy of his family, Government should use its maximum Budget on education. Instead of using its resources on providing direct employment to unskilled workforce Govt. should focus on developing appropriate skill, employment will come automatically.
A. Medium of Education- ENGLISH
i. English is a Language of Technology and Employment:It is hard to find a person who have proper skill of English language and still unemployed. Almost all the technical courses are being offered in English by reputed universities/colleges in India. Then why our leaders are crying Hindi! Hindi! Actually, poor and uneducated people of India are being cheated from the time of independence by a few cunning people who provide education to their own children in English but advise other people not to study in English so that children of other people are not capable tocompete their children for employment. All the technical study is available only in English whether it is engineering or medical. Lot of time and efforts of our children are being wasted first studying all the material in Hindi or other regional language and then studying again in English in technical colleges or during employment. Adopting English language for studying does not mean that we are adopting western culture,actually in practical, parents are forced to send their children in private schools which generally promote western culture because Govt. schools do not offer study in English. In the current era of globalization our students need to compete with the students of the entire world for employment, directly or indirectly. Studying in English will provide them competitive advantage.
ii. English is an International language: English is international language of business, technology, and official and general communication. A few sectors of our economy which are progressing well heavily dependent on English educated personnel. Learning English provide access to the literature of entire world which promotes their overall development.
B. Single Syllabus and Standard for whole country:World is trying to make one standard of education across the countries but we are having so many standard of education in single country. State education Boards are always legging behind the central Board in providing high quality study material and teachers.Students studying in State Boards cannot develop national mentality and suffer whole life with narrow thinking of state level, this poses grave danger to national integration. As focus of Books of state boards is a particular state students studying these books cannot understand historical event and currents events in national perspective. We ourselves are seeding the separatism in the minds of students through state-wise education. There should be only one Central Board of education upto higher secondary level. All the state Board should be abolished. Entrance test for various technical courses and most of recruitment exams should also be conducted on all India basis.
C. One Uniform for all private or public schools of country:Now all the private schools are allowed to decide uniform for their school. There is nexus between shopkeeper of uniform and school authorities. Uniform is only available on the particular shop specified by school,from these shopkeeper school authorities get commission, uniforms are sold much higher price than real market price. Thus parents of students are being exploited by private schools. Besides this if due to any reason parents needs to change the school all the previous uniforms are wasted. Different uniforms may be decided for different levelsof study for example separate uniforms may be fixed for Primary, Middle, Secondary and higher secondary students. In colleges currently there is no uniforms students are free to wear whatever they like. Fashionable dresses of students is spoiling study environment of colleges. In colleges uniform system should be started. Different uniforms may be fixed for students of various branches e.g. Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Medical etc.
D. Standardization of schools:Guidelines should be issued by Central Govt. for standardization of schools for whole country. There should be standardized policies of admission, scholarships and other facilities of students.
E. Recruitment policy of Teachers:Currently teachers are recruited locally and generally posted nearby their native place. Due to local recruitment completion is low, therefore standard of these teachers is low than national standard and as they are posted nearby their native places they involve themselves in their local business of agriculture or other. This problem is especially evident in rural areas. Therefore, all the teachers for teaching students above Middle school should be recruited on all India basis. This policy will improve teaching standard of teachers and cultural harmony in country. Students will be introduced with different cultures of teachers in their school which will make them broad-minded and more tolerant to different culture of country thus improving national integration.
F. Study of Political Science and other social science subjects: In a democratic country study of political science is essential as whole public of country directly or indirectly take part in governance. Even doctors, engineers and other technocrats, who are placed at higher places of government, and whom we consider well educated lack basic knowledge of political science and other social science subjects and therefore they cannot participate properly in political process of country. Sufficient knowledge of Political Science and other social science subjects should be given to every student.
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