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Helicopter scam

HELICOPTER SCAM Like the Bofors Guns deal, the news of the helicopter scam has come as a bolt from the .....

: Oct 2012
: Adur, Kerala, India
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Helicopter scam


Like the Bofors Guns deal, the news of the helicopter scam has come as a bolt from the blue --from the international media, following an expose and arrest in Italy. Now, we are bracing for endless TV debates which, for the government, would mean little. They will be no more than mere rituals.

The money is no big deal, though. Some three hundred or five hundred crores is today just peanuts for the Indian politicos and middle men. We hear of corruption rather in multiples of thousands of crores. We have been sensitised to such news for a long, long time now. What next?

Defence minister says nobody will be spared. But the question is whether the minister himself would be spared.

This is no small matter, and a CBI enquiry will be another hog wash. What is CBI, after all? Let us see whether this country's spineless Opposition would be satisfied with a few days of shouts and walkouts in parliament and then forget the matter for good.

--Prem Chandran

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: Feb 2013
: jammu
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All the political parties are same as they get the money from the victims he can be anyone prime minister or the president.Now a days the corruption is at the top as 5 crore is like the peanut for the ministers
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: Mar 2013
: gujrat
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corruption reason

the reason behind corruption in india is the rules and act formed by thte english people to rule india are still in force. ther should be drastic change in rules after independence but no change in rules due to political instability or the will of politicians . the rules have made them god for tthe nation .what they like they can do.everything is under them the police military ,cbi, justice, auditor ,election commision , enquiries etc or v can say everything from coal mining to gold mining and food import export .
One thing which everything asks is for the qualification of our leaders there is no decided edu qualification or desirable requirements to enter politics or to become an mp ,mla to sarpanch or chairman or gram sevak. No exam ,no attitude test , no personality test , no gd absolutejy nothing except one thing which is prime necessity of each human the money power which they have so much that they can lay roads of notes. and win election ./ so think wat i want to say
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