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Dear Editor

Desaibankim's Blog Dear Editor April 3, 2011 by desaibankim Hello world, i sent the following letter to Editors of leading .....

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Cool Dear Editor

Desaibankim's Blog

Dear Editor

April 3, 2011 by desaibankimHello world,
i sent the following letter to Editors of leading news papers of India. Many have included it and published it as comment in their online editions. i sent it to Reuters,it is there on its dashboard.
i feel that the protest by RGTIL/Relogistics/RIL Victims is getting momentum.
Let us see ,what happens!
Yours truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Dear Editor,
Govt. of India ,Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and CAG must review and revise the contracts/bids granted to RIL whose officers have acquired mastery in fraud, forgery and cheating to achieve Mukesh Ambani’s ends. We in South Gujarat have first hand knowledge about nefarious activities of Mukesh Ambani’s officers.
Many farmers and land owners in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have had a taste of RIL/RGTIL/RELOGISTICS’ iron fist covered in velvet gloves of development.
Mukesh Ambani, Parimal Nathwani, Hemant Desai and at least two of the Vice Presidents of RIL at Hazira, Surat have overlooked fraud, forgery and cheating by RIL/RGTIL employees while helping the Competent Authority of RGTIL at Surat, Gujarat in preparing Award of compensation under the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act ( acquisition of Right of User in land) 1962.
We term Mukesh Ambani as India’s Richest Beggar who aspires to become the richest man in the world , of course at the expense of India and Indians .To get the exact idea , please look into Desaibankim’s Blogs : RGTIL VICTIMS UNITED.
Parimal Nathwani ( MP-Rajya Rabha) from Jharkhand and Murli Mama @Murli Deora are his men in New Delhi to tackle Sonia Gandhi, LK Advani, Prakash Karat, Arun Jaitley ,Sushma Swaraj and important officers in various ministries.
The Supreme Court of India while inquring the assets of ex CJI Balakrishnan and his family members should inquire Mukesh Ambani’s share in Justice (!) Balakrishnan’s fortunes.He (Balakrishnan) was in unusual hurry to decide case pertaining to RIL,RNRL and Mukesh-Anil Ambani’s interests. He decided the case in the days prior to his retirement. Mukesh Ambani has developed a practice of hiring and appointing counsels & senior counsels (practicing at SCI and various High Courts) capable to file/register case against him or his companies, on the panels of advocates of his companies .A stage has come when no advocate in India would venture to be his adversary’s counsel or advocate. He is expert in managing judicial officers at various levels. Judgments in cases related to his interests are known as “pen drives” !
It is high time to nationalise RIL’s refineries and Mukesh Ambani’s RGTIL. He has virtually fleeced India and Indians by corrupting one and all. He is a real ever ready , perennial Tsunami for India , Indian democracy and polity.
Media (Print and TV) is reticent and is always afraid of publishing any news against Mukesh Ambani and his companies. He has no control whatsoever over Internet. So i am able to put my views in Blogs ( WordPress ), Twitter and Facebook notes to expose his anti-India activities.
Yours Truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M.Desai
Convener of
All India Committee of Agriculturists Affected by RIL/RGTIL/RELOGISTICS.
03, Mahadevnagar Society,
Near Majura Gate, Ring road,
Surat 395002.
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102
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It is true that newspapers dont publish articles against corporate houses because they get advertisements worth millions of rupees.
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every newspaper will now carry the movements of anna hazare ji. they will have to because, they too are inspired by sir's movements. india is now going to become a developed country.
jai hind.
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