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We are Masters, they are Servants

We are Masters. They are servants. We are too busy eking out living for ourselves. Therefore, we have employed a .....

: Jun 2011
: patna
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We are Masters, they are Servants

We are Masters. They are servants.
We are too busy eking out living for ourselves. Therefore, we have employed a few people to take care of our home. We have choosen them after consulting other members of our home.
We are named "public" and they, "public-SERVANTS".
Why lose the Pedestal, by contesting elections ?
A Master keeps check over his servants.
Let us find means to accomplish this.

Our SWOT analysis:

STRENGTH : Our voting right.
WEAKNESS : Divided, we are.
THREAT : Our mental block that we are SERVANTS.


India's TRYST WITH DESTINY: Individual destiny add to make a Nation's destiny.

Sachin tendulkar on destiny (Outlook magazine, April 18, 2011, after the World cup win):
".... I totally believe in destiny....Form is temporary and class is permanent....Luck is temporary and destiny is ongoing.... You may work hard for the big occasion, but whether you succeed or not, does't lie in your hands. You should work hard on your skills, and most importantlly, do good karma. Only then, can you invite your destiny...."

How to invite destiny?
Caution: Be discreet and humble. Do not show off. Its effect is reduced.
If you are:
Educated : Teach someone who can not afford.
Skilled : Share your skill and transform someone's life.
A proffesional : Offer some services without fees to a needy.
Wealthy : Use a little of your money on someone's food, health, education or shelter.
Free : Give your time for a cause
Feeling low : Empathise and pray for others.

Sachin adds:
"....I believe that if a person gives his 100%, then a day will come, when destiny becons to you, to hand over what you richly deserve...."

Let us work towards making individual destiny. 120 crore of them.

Jawahar Lal Nehru, on 14th August 1947, midnight, in the Constituent Assembly:

"....long ago , we made a TRYST WITH DESTINY, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge....a moment comes, which comes, but rarely in the history, when we step out from the old, to the new, when an age ends, and when the SOUL of a Nation, long suppressed, find utterance...."

A selfless Giver is a Master :

A receiver owes one to the selfless Giver.
There are thousands of silent Givers all accross India. Let us network. Let us provide leadership.

1. By Giving, convert THREAT of Servant's mentality into STRENGTH of Master's mentality.
2. By using OPPORTUNITY of internet, convert WEAKNESS of Division, into STRENGTH of Unity.

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